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China IDC Circle December 11 reported: China IDC Circle in particular in the third China IDC industry before the first planned the "IDC industry upgrading and industry integration development Industry High-level investigation" project, through the "IDC industry", "solution", "video site", "SNS Community", "Network Game" 5 types of high-level surveys, interviews and reports, through the investigation of the upstream and downstream industries of the Internet, this paper explores some useful opinions and suggestions on the development of the whole industry of the Internet, and analyzes the roles and roles played by each link, so as to enhance the operational efficiency and Reduce operating costs, better let each horizontal longitudinal related industry orderly health, scientific development, but also for China's national Internet upgrade to make a force.


Interview Guest: Longyou Technology CEO Lu Ying Strong

Guangzhou Longyou Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. was initiated by industry veterans, formed and supported by venture capital fund of Innovative Internet High-tech companies, committed to the development and operation of domestic web games, the construction of an independent intellectual property rights of the web game operating platform, and strive to create a truly national, healthy, Entertaining online games. Play one (www.wan1ba.com) is the Guangzhou Longyou Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. 's website, to take an open API interface model for various types of Web sites to provide Web game products to meet the needs of users of the site's leisure and entertainment.

Interview text:

China IDC Circle: The recent "Internet winter" one said more and more fierce, and the industry believes that the network game industry is the internet in winter under the "only stove", can safely winter. What do you think?

Lu Ying Strong: Aye, this winter has led many people to give up a lot of high consumption, online games become a substitute for people's entertainment consumption.

China IDC Circle: Do you think that the online gaming industry is affected by the current economic situation and the income is down?

Lu Ying Strong: No, online games is the internet in the winter few contrarian rally pillar.

China IDC Circle: Recently, Japanese manufacturers have said that Korean games have been overtaken by China, how do you view the current development of Chinese online games?

Lu Ying Strong: The development of online games should not be based on online game players to save frugally, steal money from home, and even do illegal things on the basis of the content to the user's health guidance. The current development of online games so good, that the Chinese time is still very idle. Online games is a rich means of entertainment, a great potential, a good guide than with other countries in the horizontal comparison more meaningful, after all, the national conditions are different.

China IDC Circle: This year, the network game operators to increase the impact on the net, your company in the future will also have a plan to combat it?

Lu Ying Strong: We webgame not this problem, if it is the client's game, I think it should not be a blow, it should be control, management, and mutual benefit. Rich people earn.

China IDC Circle: At present, there are telecom operators and IDC service providers specifically launched for the network game of the GDC (game Data Center), on this, you are interested in it? Are you willing to work with these game data centers?

Lu Ying Strong: Interested, as long as the return of investment reasonable cooperation.

China IDC Circle: This year's third China IDC industry ceremony Organizing Committee selected the "IDC Industry Upgrade" and "Industry development integration" as the theme, how do you look at these two themes?

Lu Ying Strong: The two complement each other, online games and other industries should be more attention to the infiltration, a single industry is difficult to warm in winter.

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