Looking at the investment of Domain name website from the internet hit event--suggestion analysis

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These days on the network appeared some new online popular language, such as "Home Smell Network" "elder brother Don't infatuated with me, it is just a legend" ... Some of these classic lines, similar to those of the Spring Festival Gala in Shenyang earlier this year, are spreading quickly across the internet ... Even the folk tea after dinner.

Remember at that time in the Spring Festival evening, someone has registered the name of the money, than and on the internet to sell a high price, not long ago when the relevant agencies released the news of the upcoming Shanghai Disney, the Internet has set off a speculation about the Disney domain name, which some of the owners are more and more concerned about the future hot trends, this is a good thing, The Chinese webmaster is in sync with the development of the society.

Today, I inadvertently saw the "home Smell Network" the story behind the word, and now someone has done a house to smell the theme of the Web site, to say fast, really good ... Domain name is registered on the November 12, 2009 Night (that is, the first day of the rapid spread of the home smell), Baidu search volume in the top ranking in the first, the search volume reached more than 8,000 times, the webmaster at one breath registered a set of domain name-including. com. com.cn. com.cn, The first two domain names point to the "home Smell Network" theme website, after discovering this, I looked at several domain name investment forum, the domain owner also began to sell these several domain names online.

Through these phenomena, I have to the webmaster after the investment and development to give three points of advice:

First, the future of the Web site development trend: Focus on the hot spots, pay attention to life----so we choose the site's domain name and the site to locate the theme of the time to focus tightly around the hot and life to start, do practical Web site;

Second, the Web site is another trend: the future of the Internet is the industry segment of the market opportunities, so we do the site when it is best to select a point to carry out the work, and then this point was received after the network began to gradually expand business, first subtraction after addition;

Third, in the domain name selection on the proposal: Many people have said that only COM is the most cattle, but after all, in the domestic, by the impact of objective factors, CN domain name is also the preferred site, what domain name is a good domain name? Then the first is to be brief and good to remember, if not short, at least better remember, then the best in China is the Chinese dubbing, For example, home to smell the network, this is a good example, select the voice domain for search engines to give you the site's weight is also a great connection, I found a Google search for the home to hear the broadcast, incredibly two days time to the homepage.

Finally, I would like to suggest that we webmaster: At the beginning of the construction station, abandon the so-called SEO, down-to-earth do every detail work, forget the current profit but tightly grasp the future profit model, and constantly adhere to the combination of innovative thinking and traditional mode to create a new world.

The site by kuopi.com English songs webmaster Wei Yu Original, I hope we can exchange to do station experience.

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