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Into the "Elephant" condom office you will find that in this modest Soho suite, the only six staff members are packed with rooms and an ordinary meeting room, the media-circulated "copy of the millet pattern of condoms" from here.

I just want to make a good condom.

June 2013 decided to start a business, the elephant and his partner CEO Luchuan and his partner set the direction of entrepreneurship, is to do a good use of condoms.

This is a rare venture capital from the early days of investment support for adult products entrepreneurship projects.

"When we had this logo, we got the angel investment." "This claim has been confirmed by Chen Liang, founding partner of the founding fund of the Taishan Brothers. For the reason, Chen said, "We value the team the most." People who have a sense of business and product in the middle of a few.

With the support of the funds, Luchuan began to set up a series of standards for their own condoms.

Adhere to the market with the thinnest 0.03mm consistent, unique packaging, a single thickness of the box, more than 30% of lubricants, the Malaysian generation Factory, a box of 7 59 yuan pricing. This feature fused in the first generation of the elephant condom products, and finally in 3721.html ">2014 year January 7 officially on sale."

Product design, Luchuan has its own explanation. For example, the use of a single condom packaging design, the market condom use flat packaging, and compression, even if the manufacturer wants to put more lubricants but no space, the existing design first can be directly divided into impartiality, the second allows more lubricant to add more experience.

For example, the green square box, he said that the market most of the products rectangular carton packaging, placed in the bag is very easy to squeeze, consumers are not willing to put this product in a conspicuous position, but to make an elephant such a box, some consumers will accept its design sense.

As for the Malaysian origin, Lu believed that the origin originated from Southeast Asia is the hope to close to the origin of rubber, Southeast Asia produces the world's best rubber, fresh raw materials also help make the thinnest products. In and manufacturers many times running-in product production and design, the first batch of condoms were transported to Tianjin packaging, waiting to be delivered to the hands of consumers.

Internet Marketing

Although no one can say that the adult products industry in China's overall market size, but the condom industry is quite mature, from the original family planning supplies began, now Durex in micro-letters, micro-BO and other revenue incidents frequently out of the limelight, which makes people feel

Elephants may have entered the Red Sea. And if it is not through the first conceptual transmission, it may take a while for the elephant's popularity to get there.

But Luchuan does not endorse this statement, he believes that product visibility is always with the user experience growth, the concept of better publicity, consumers will not have the next time, and now most of the elephant users or Word-of-mouth spread.

Word-of-mouth is an open feature of Internet thinking. As millet relies on users and fans to reduce advertising to achieve the same sales effect, the elephant's user experience Exchange is a key direction, but the community is still building.

"We made a micro-group, but the number of seats was limited and soon it was full." "The important goal of the next phase of the Luchuan team is to build a platform that can communicate directly," he said.

Another key word for Internet thinking is a quick upgrade. This half year time design of the first product in some details have some improvement, but whether it is Luchuan or investors Chen Liang think that there are a lot of products can improve the place, and the change of the cycle is the pace of each purchase.

"such as the corners of the box, including the overall design, we have a lot of details to improve." "said Lu.

On the elephant website, there is only one commodity, one box of condoms for sale, the site also marked the remaining inventory. To write at this time, the remaining inventory of 2,126 pieces.

According to the data previously disclosed by the elephant, the first batch of products has 10,000 pieces, that is to say 7874 boxes sold, according to 59 yuan per box, sales of 465,000 yuan. After the sale, the next generation of products will be listed.

Another Internet thinking keyword is direct marketing. So far, the only channel for an elephant to be an official outlet is the Xun network. At present, Xun net of the Elephant Condom public mail 82 evaluation, the total score of 5 points 4.4 points, 68 to give praise, 7 evaluation. There are packaging issues in the evaluation, as well as product experience problems.

The way of direct selling is shun Fung logistics. Orders are received online and shipped directly to the warehouse located east of Beijing. At the same time, the official online currently do not accept the payment of goods.

What's the next step?

A certain reputation, with the first batch of users, products are also normal sales, in Luchuan seems the company has a long way to go.

The first step is to establish a user communication platform. Whether it's user experience feedback or the establishment of a user base, there is a need for a more stable platform, such as a forum or a larger group.

The second is the design of product upgrades. In order to continuously upgrade the details and to do more good, the product upgrade is the Elephant team must be maintained for a long time.

and a greater demand for achieving the above is human. The original team did not understand the design of the site, the original has been outsourced, but until the product quickly online when the Web page has not finished, and finally had to work overtime, this matter also let Luchuan firmly recruit a strong technology. In addition to design, all the work of the rich need to join more people.

Entrepreneurial team

Lu Chuan, Liu Kenan is the founding partner of elephants, two people were classmates, are 89, 90 born new generation of entrepreneurs. Liu Kenan has a job in millet, where he worked for a company that serves private jets. In terms of age, working hours are not too long.

Liu Kenan said, "The elephant's entire team is very young, and four of the two partners are the three." I used to be in charge of the Millet channel and millet home, the remaining two partners from the Golden Eagle and Hui-Cong. What four people have in common is the very internet. "

And four people chose condoms this field as the beginning of entrepreneurship, in addition to looking at the potential of domestic condom market, more importantly, they found that there is no particularly good condom brand, especially for young people to use the brand.

It is understood that the elephant has been in July 2013 from Taishan capital of the million-dollar angel investment. In the short term, the elephant's sales target is two months and 5 million sales.

"Actually we just want to do something fun." Because the condom in the market is really ugly and bad. "Liu Kenan said.

Investor comments: Chen Liang Shan Brothers Founding Fund

What we value most is the team. Few people who have a sense of business feeling or product in the third, they are very smart to choose the track of adult products, the Internet method to recreate, this is a very exciting thing.

So from the very beginning, we emphasize that there is no need to rush online and spend time on products. The era of business models has passed, and the real Hard are to be spent on products. The time for the elephant to go online is faster than we thought.

We are totally consumer-UX, so we all consume and try it ourselves. Although the experience is very good, but we still think there are many improvements and improvement of space.

For adult products in this big market, we do not value the market scale, we are looking at the user experience. The core of the Internet approach is the user experience.

Editor's Notes

After interviewing the elephant, the author bought two boxed products on the website. Soon, Shun Fung Express two days after the completion of delivery. and interview to see the product consistent, take the hand of condoms have said that the advantages and disadvantages of the place.

Luchuan Some of the statements have been confirmed by Chen Liang, relatively Ma Jiajia with the concept of adult shop, but still sell the market can be found in the product of this model, the elephant's model is simpler, direct.

Compared with gimmicks, the existing finished product has some sincere changes, but it is worth looking forward to the improvement, because the condom market in the product itself for many years has not been a surprise, and this is precisely the majority of people can not bypass the consumer goods.

For the elephant project itself, the initial reputation needs to be carefully run. Starting a business is difficult, but a good start, the difficulty of sticking to it will only be greater.

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