Lotte landed in Austria to launch the fifth European Electric Dealer website

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"Billion Power network News" May 21, the world's third-largest international E-commerce enterprise Japan Lotte Group has officially landed in Austria, launched its fifth E-commerce site in Europe, this move or will be the current leading Austrian network sales business of German E-commerce enterprises to form competition.

Billion power network learned that a few days ago, Lotte in Austria launched the electronic network shopping market, became Rakuten in Europe, the fifth site, the other four are British, France's, The of Spain and the of Germany.

Rakuten's Austrian website will serve as an Internet E-commerce platform, providing e-commerce services for small and medium sized trading enterprises, including micro-shops. Lotte Austrian shop business is not to sell their own goods, but through the software, domain names and other ways for shopkeepers to provide ready-made online shops, while providing payment settlement and transaction management services.

Rakuten, Germany and Austria's chief marketing officer, Aexel Bauer, points out that in Germany alone, 8,200 of Rakuten's businesses offer 17 million items. The specific figures for the Austrian market are not yet available. But he said that some 200 businesses have used "Lotte" to set up an Austrian shop, which is expected to reach 1000 Austrian stores by the end of this year.

According to the Billion power network, Rakuten in Germany and Austria to the seller's fee is 39 euros per month, in addition to the 6% to 10% sales commission, while the mobile side of the transaction will also charge a 1% transaction costs. Rakuten pointed out that the current size of the Austrian online sales and its economic strength is still very small, so Austria's online sales have a lot of room for development.

Bauer also said that Rakuten would allow businesses to design their own brands and shopping features of the shop, and Lotte will conduct risk management, including responsible for the failure of online payments related to any losses, and will be based on local consumer privacy protection of customs and laws to provide business marketing assistance.

Lotte Group is headquartered in Japan, and its flagship market,, is Japan's largest E-commerce site and the second largest in Asia. It operates E-commerce sites in 13 countries around the world, including Rakuten Tourism and Kobo E-books, covering 25 countries. 2010, Rakuten bought the US electronic retailer, renamed it Shopping (Lotte Shopping), while covering both the Business-to-consumer and Consumer-to-consumer. And this January, Lotte announced will gradually revision, stop the business, with Rakuten into a pure consumer-to-consumer electronic market, which makes shopping and ebay more similar.

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