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Last year I wrote an article: "Write a blog do not lazy, original is king." At that time I introduced the content source of the blog from two aspects. One is to write about life from the content of work and life, the second is to write social hotspots. Over the passage, some things can not be written, especially the social hot content of the blog, but with the changes in the Internet, blog content sources also have a lot of channels.

Heart and focus are the reasons why readers like you

I have written a blog for several years summed up the two key elements of blogging, only four words: intentions, focus. Many things are simple to say, but they are really troublesome to do. We can't guarantee that every blog post is so incisive and original, but we have to make sure that the reader is never perfunctory.

"Intentions" to write a blog, most of the best bloggers to write articles will take 1-2 hours to complete. If you just perfunctory writing, perfunctory, your readers can only be perfunctory to look at, perfunctory comments, and eventually lead to fewer readers. Only with the intention to treat your article, the reader will attentively read, to understand.

"Focus" to write Bo, Lou understand the focus is to focus on a certain area, a deep understanding of the field, to write a level, depth, and empathy. Focus is not a single content, occasionally interspersed with writing life, entertainment will not let the reader feel boring.

Write a blog by working

This is my most respected way, write work experience, summary, not only to help the work, but also to allow the reader to learn, two not delay, the best of both worlds. But most people will be tired of a problem, the work chronological written blog, for example, recently I made a website, I wrote today to design the Web page, tomorrow set the program, the day after tomorrow test, and finally happy to write an article, tell you, my website finished. I think most people don't pay attention to your work chronological, they are more concerned about what you do with the site, what they learn and what they should avoid.

Tell them how to do it.

Most people visit blogs because they need to search for "How to" information, and if you provide a lot of information about how to do it, you're doing the right thing. For example, many of your blog users are bloggers, their write article is to tell these blog how to do, how to modify the blog program, how to modify the template, how to make money, such blogs will be popular with readers, because you provide valuable information.

Involve the reader in

I also wrote an article, "Write my blog through your comments", which is about interacting with readers to write articles. When you build user feedback through the first few articles, use their comments to learn what they think about your blog and use that feedback as a building.

Blog visits

There are hundreds of millions of blogs on the web, and there are definitely posts about your topic. You can use these articles to get inspiration. Note that many people's goal is to increase the search flow, in order to make their blog stand out, to add their own views and insights in the blog, write a detailed comment and indicate the source.

Translation of foreign related content

You can use hundreds of resources on the Internet to obtain good content, such as in your RSS subscriber to create a special column subscription and your topic-related RSS, so that when you write text, flipping through these RSS, there must be unexpected inspiration. can also subscribe to some foreign related topics, in the through their own understanding as the Chinese version to publish. Looking for a foreign blog is a good idea, even if you copy the content directly, translated into Chinese, this article is still considered original.

Get creative writing through Google Alert, and when you subscribe to a topic, you get a lot of emails, so there's no shortage of writing ideas.

Alltop has collected thousands of blogs, covering hundreds of topics, and is a great place to get inspiration. Technorati is a blog search tool that can find out what is going on.


1: The most successful blogs are written "attentively" and provide a degree of transparency to readers and authors, rather than perfunctory.

2: As long as the heart to find, to collect, you will continue to write by the popular content.

3: Never worry about providing too much information, even if others learn your skills, you are still an expert because you have direct experience.

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