"Lou Lou", a semi-acquaintance social product based on real building scene

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Absrtact: Yi, you say this urbanization has been so many years, the neighborhood Shing, ways also so long, I this people still not accustomed to, or miss ancestors in the neighbourhood squat a circle of chat heat contact? I don't know how most of you

Yi, you say this urbanization has been so many years, the neighborhood "Shing, Ways" also so long, I this people are still not accustomed to, or miss the ancestors in the neighbourhood squat a circle of chat heat contact? I don't know what most of you think, anyway, when I saw the "building" that featured in the same building, my heart was, "damn it, someone did it." ”

"Lou Lou" as a social product based on the real building scene, the design concept is to the community residents, office buildings and school users at the same time, the same place, the approximate attributes extracted, so that ways of the creatures, "back to the era of neighbors." Overseas do neighborhood Community products More representative is Nextdoor, has covered 40,000 communities across the United States.

When you first open "Lou", you will see the 3D images of the building group in your area, you can rotate, enlarge or reduce the map interface by hand, in the yellow circle, the user can click on any building.

After the entry, users can post under the name of the building, posts have help and share posts two types, I clicked on their own residential district apartment, there have been users posted here, what puppy pups, garbage poured into the corridor and other topics, and residents of the building of the life scene is very fit. Through these posts, I can roughly understand the situation of the neighbourhood, for the appearance of sincerity I also sent a state of their own. Familiar with the neighborhood, to help each other, make friends, spell a meal carpool, three missing a mahjong without roamed.

All the buildings on the map will be illuminated with red, yellow and blue colours, representing residential buildings, school districts and office buildings, and the remaining buildings are grey. For those buildings that have been lit, even if you have not been assigned to go to the "stroll" to see what the people inside, but can not post, and can not comment on the post.

In the "Discovery" section at the bottom of the app, "floor" recommended a number of popular users, hot buildings and popular posts, click on the user avatar to view the user's list of buildings, from the list can also have a general understanding of the user's daily activities circle. Topics with high enough heat will continue to be on the hot page for 24 hours, and users will be able to view the hottest new things in all buildings without time and space constraints.

At present, there is no limit on the number of settled buildings, then, there will be a social madman, where to open the app to go around, send inappropriate comments or no nutrition posts? The answer to this building's CEO Flash is that the building is essentially a community of environmental (buildings) not point-to-point IM socializing, which determines that the social topics in the building can only survive when the user pain point, such as residential buildings often talk about the parents and the elderly theme, office space often chat in the workplace gossip, It would be great if the social maniac could contribute high quality topics in all communities. The current building is the use of feed stream post form, the future will be upgraded into a discussion group, the hottest discussion group will be the top display, and the content of empty posts and themes will naturally be eliminated.

Of course, the security issue is something that the community of this kind of reality must consider. Residential buildings are more special, only for those who live there, if you have not entered the is not free to "stroll". If the settled user does not go in for seven consecutive days, then they will be kicked out of the building, which is also to ensure that the Lou You you know are long-term and stable acquaintances, which is more conducive to the establishment and maintenance of neighbourhood relations.

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