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Recently, according to relevant media reports, it is understood that with the rapid popularization of the network, a variety of local business consumer information is more and more, advertising, group buying, online coupons, reviews, so that people see dazzling, some people even use "life information Big Bang" to describe. However, with the convenience of science and technology, it also causes people to worry about decision-making. And recently, the domestic life search service Providers Love Network recently announced the introduction of a new "search nearby", the revised website has been online at the same time, the netizen can be input to access the entire network near accurate consumption information. Experts say the move means that the "search nearby" market has started, with small businesses and consumers benefiting from it.

Data show that Baidu 50%--60% search requests and local life services, users of local consumer demand for information to show an accelerated trend. On the other hand, China's small and medium life service businesses (such as food and entertainment, training, medical care, etc.) over 30 million, they generally have a strong demand for promotion, especially Low-cost network promotion. Netizens have to "one stop to fix local consumption", local businesses to promote precision, so "nearby search" came into being.

Love Help Network CEO, former Baidu CTO Jianguo said: "Near search is love to launch the life search, by providing and location combined with merchant information, to help netizens find the most appropriate, most cost-effective place of consumer information, and to obtain a convenient and enjoyable personality experience." At present, we have covered 110 categories, 265 cities, 26 million merchants in-depth information, Internet users to help local consumption.

Tencent Science and technology found that love help net home has been changed to "Location + Service" search box mode, users can get a double match after the more accurate results; "Search nearby" also intelligent aggregation of the whole network of consumer reviews, all kinds of purchase concessions, only one search can get all the results, without the switch between the site.

Expert analysis, near search is a major trend of the new lbs industry, direct docking of local businesses and consumers "near search" will be a trillion-scale market, which is in recent years to buy, comment on the deep-seated reasons for the website. Previously, Google (Weibo) has transformed its 80 million Google places pages into a location-based service for Google +, which has been popular with netizens.

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