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I. Customer background

Chengdu recently set up the first domestic business operation of large-scale cloud computing center, located in the Supercomputing Service center and Cloud Computing Service center. In order to seize the historical opportunity of reconstructing information industry pattern and the commanding heights of future industry competition, Chengdu Municipal Government we will vigorously accelerate the construction and application of cloud computing, promote the development of cloud computing industry, adhere to the development strategy of "five simultaneous" and "two integration", and strive to build Chengdu into an "intelligent city" and a "Western hub". Based on this, Chengdu has also applied cloud computing to the construction of food quality and safety system, the establishment of the pork quality and safety traceability supervision system, so that Chengdu people eat at ease meat. Chengdu Government vigorously develop and promote the application of cloud computing to the ground, through the application of cloud computing land to protect people's livelihood is widely embraced by the people.

As one of the important parts of Chengdu Municipal Government's Data disaster preparedness Center, Chengdu Data Center has been used in November 2010, and the rapid development of large data center has laid a good foundation for the development of new strategic type industry in Chengdu City.

Second, the user needs

After years of information construction, Chengdu Municipal Government has fully implemented information Office, a large number of information Office data and application system has become the key to the day-to-day operation of government support. At the same time, these important office data also face the risk of desktop security, consider how to protect these important data security, is the focus of information security construction, how the city government agencies of the mass of desk data for backup and protection has become the government's information Department of the key issues.

Coincides with the establishment of the recent cloud computing Center in Chengdu, Chengdu Universal Data as a disaster preparedness service provider of Chengdu Municipal government, in combination with the whole development of cloud computing in Chengdu, I hope to build a secure data protection cloud computing platform for the city government, while providing online backup of desktop data to civil servants of the municipality, It can also provide online backup service for the employees, social public groups and individuals of other enterprises in the city, which requires the platform to have strong scalability and can meet the expansion of operation scale in the future.

Iii. Solutions

According to the current situation of Chengdu Municipal Government and the disaster preparedness of Chengdu Universal data, Shanghai AI Digital Software Co., Ltd. provides a personal online backup operation solution based on the desktop protection cloud, which aims to provide IDC operators with a desktop backup online business, through the online backup platform can for the government civil servants, The social public provides online backup services on an on-demand basis to easily address data security issues for desktops and mobile notebooks. The schematic diagram of the solution is as follows:

Based on the desktop protection cloud Personal Online backup operation service mode, operators use the desktop protection cloud construction and maintenance platform, mainly for the Chengdu municipal government service, but also for enterprises or business people to provide on-demand services. Through the solution:

1. The Chengdu municipal government can provide data protection for government civil servants and office workers with desktop PCs and laptops by purchasing online back-up services on demand. The same is true of other business users and the public in the city. For end users, whether it is Home Office or offsite business trip, no longer worry about any cause of data corruption or notebook computer loss.

2. Provides operators with simple, operational, and expanded online business opportunities that enable operators to provide desktop-oriented online backup services to individual or corporate users in the region.

Iv. Customer Value

The scheme is a simple, operational and expanded online business opportunity for the operators, and the scheme has the advantages of super scale and high scalability, and can enjoy the service on demand, the cost is extremely inexpensive, the security performance is high. It is a flexible distributed service platform, secure and reliable information exchange platform, Operation dimension model is simple and efficient, and has the following salient features:

1. High scalability: Transparent expansion capabilities, to meet operators in the maintenance of existing models on the basis of continuous expansion of operational requirements.

2. Safe and Reliable: the platform encryption mechanism is a combination of multi-layer encryption algorithm, including 448-bit Blowfish local encryption, SSL transmission link encryption, AES Media storage encryption.

3. On-Demand services: Users can purchase according to their own conditions on demand services.

4. Operability: Client deployment is fairly simple, with three minutes of operational complexity.

5. Low cost: Users can greatly save it construction costs.

By building an online backup operation platform based on the desktop protection cloud, the Chengdu Municipal government takes the lead in adopting the new model of "Government guidance, enterprise investment construction and operation", which marks a milestone in the application development of cloud computing technology in China.

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