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Single-rack server because of the low space consumption, relatively cheap prices and other factors have been the IDC service providers and server cluster users, especially in the current economic situation, there is expansion of demand but also need to control the cost of enterprise users are increasingly focused on this market, today, We've scoured the market for recent server products with Intel Xeon single processor They have a common feature is to ensure that the price is relatively inexpensive to provide a stable and reliable performance, I hope we introduce these products for everyone to buy to bring a certain reference value.

Recommended Products: IBM System x3250 M2

Today we introduced the third product also from the big-name manufacturers, the blue giant IBM launched the system x3250 M2, this product due to low power, low noise and space optimization features in the market has been good sales, it can be competent e-mail server, Web server, Print servers and many other roles, the current price is 8500 yuan.

IBM System x3250 M2 is a one-way rack-oriented product of IBM for the entry-level market, which we introduced today with an Intel Xeon E3120 processor, a single dual core processor with a 45nm process, Frequency 3.16GHz, with 6M two level cache.

IBM System x3250 M2 (419442C)

The product also provides 4 DIMM slots in memory, which can support up to 8G of memory, and the product comes standard with a 1G ECC DDR2 memory. On the storage side, this product offers the flexibility to choose from two 3.5-inch pluggable SATA, two 3.5-inch hot-swappable SATA or four 2.5-inch hot-swappable SAS hard drives. Hot-swappable hard drives enable administrators to quickly install or replace hard drives without using tools.

IBM's System X-series servers have been known for their excellent management performance, and this system x3250 M2 also inherits this feature by providing integrated system management capabilities through MINI-BMC2 that are compliant with the IPMI 2.0 standard, with optional slot-free Remote Supervisor Adapter II Slimline implements upgradeable system management.

Basic information product model System x3250 M2 (419442C) Product Type Rack Processor Processor Intel Xeon,intel Xeon E3120 Processor Level two cache (KB) 6144KB standard number of CPUs with 1 maximum CPUs up to 1 motherboards Bus frequency (MHz) 1333MHz memory memory type DDR2 standard memory 1024M memory slots 4 max support memory capacity 8G storage Max hard drive capacity 2TB CD-ROM drive, DVD-ROM Combo network with slot NIC integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet interface chassis and power chassis ruler Inch 1U Power Server dedicated Power maximum power (W) 351W other support operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard edition/enterprise edition/web Edition R2

Editorial Reviews: IBM System x3250 M2, as a single rack server product of IBM's entry-level market, inherits the IBM System X series's high reliability while inheriting its outstanding management performance, coupled with low power consumption, low noise, As well as the more affordable price of 8500 yuan, for the vast number of IDC, cluster users and small and medium-sized users are also a good choice.

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