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Recently seems to be a bit messy, along with the author blog ranking a bit down, I can better to observe the search engine changes and dynamics, but these are the eternal topic. Do SEO only understand the search engine's temper can really do well. Have written to evaluate Baidu's article, in fact, that is, stationmaster's life is attached to Baidu search engine existence, if these search engines really angry, we stationmaster also only suffer. Therefore, the search engine analysis of the inevitable, 8630.html "> sometimes see other webmaster to share their research theory, will be very admire, of course, there will be questions, so always want to study under the right." The phrase "practice is the only criterion for testing truth" is certain.

In the webmaster world with data to speak of the most cow feeling is the founder of the 28tui mouchangqing. Like Lou to create a time of their own. Now use the data analysis seo. Maybe every seoer will think of him. Today I also on the recent analysis of SEO data. Mainly the author of the blog, of course, combined with the author's blog ranking down to say, although it is a small discovery, perhaps you have already know but feel the practice of their own practical. Previously in the site's program added a check Baidu, Google spider visit records.

A, Baidu in the main

Have been heard friends think, Baidu is a special emphasis on content. Since the author's blog opened, but also feel. But myself to experience analysis let me more firm something. At the end of last week, the website didn't update because of going out, of course the chain also did not do. Check the spider's visit record number No. 5.27. Baidu and Google spider visits are very similar. That is, the two days did not update the article, such as Sunday evening back, and began to update the article. There was a big change in the spider's visiting record later. You can look at the spider visiting records for a few days later. Of course, along with the decline of Baidu rankings, I analyzed the data to get some ideas, Baidu search engine is focused on the user experience and content of the original, content of relevance. This is also the author blog Baidu Spider visit frequent important reasons. And Baidu ranked decline, personal feeling has been outside the chain of the quality began to reduce, so caused by Baidu ranked decline.

B, Google note outside

Someone might feel my little title is wrong. In fact, is the Google "note" outside. Google's dependence on the external chain has been quite strong, so on my blog on the show. From the beginning of number No. 5.28, the decrease in the chain led to a decline in the number of Google spiders visiting, sometimes less than 10 times a day. This is a terrible signal. You do is the Chinese station, mainly to do Baidu search engine, but does not mean you can give up Google. Of course, I also see the blog Google keyword ranking decline, I feel the outside of the chain for Google is how important. For the author blog content, the author has a relative self-confidence, original content and user experience is to do the ultimate. But the chain is not strong, definitely dead.

C, dynamic static

Since the birth of SEO, there is no less than this: "Dynamic page is not suitable for Baidu spiders crawl, it is best to do a pseudo static." "When I built this blog, I couldn't fake it for some reason. So on the dynamic page, of course, I also hold to try dynamic page for search engine friendliness. Blog did not enter the home page, I have always felt that the dynamic page recognition rate is too low, these are for Baidu proposed. But after the big update Baidu, the site appears to the home page, I think Baidu search engine on the dynamic page of the friendliness of the promotion. Then more exactly found is 5.20 Baidu claimed to be due to staff errors caused by the algorithm adjustment, my blog climbed to the first, for a dynamic web site to climb the first I did not think of, but did. So I'm sure Baidu has improved the friendliness of search engines. There are also published articles can be basically put out in 1-2 hours, you can see the blog's Baidu weight increase. Combined with Baidu today's ranking to third place, compared to the top two, my only missing is pseudo static, so in Baidu has not been completely friendly to dynamic, I seem to need pseudo static. Keep trying.

OK, this is my analysis of the data on the experience, welcome you webmaster Pat Brick guidance. This article by the Nantong SEO to provide the original address: reprint Please specify

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