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Among the many speakers, Huanhuan game Vice President Lu Lingqing brought the sharing of the special eye-catching, around the "tomb-robbing notes" and other dream-level IP of the new Cross-border cooperation, the concept of more than the layout of the sharing of wonderful vivid, received a strong response.

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December 18, 2014, the first China game Product Manager Conference held in Haikou, became a domestic game producer of a major event. Many well-known domestic enterprises and team of game product managers and producers at the same stage, comments on the game, talk about the concept of the game, received hundreds of of the scene of the audience and the industry welcomed.

Among the many speakers, Huanhuan game Vice President Lu Lingqing brought the sharing of the special eye-catching, around the "tomb-robbing notes" and other dream-level IP of the new Cross-border cooperation, the concept of more than the layout of the sharing of wonderful vivid, received a strong response.
Lu Lingqing vice president of the game

The game dream of childhood

"Thanks to the game Product Manager Congress such a platform, so that the vast number of games with a dream to communicate and practice their dreams." "In an interview afterwards, Lu Lingqing recall from childhood and game knot, as early as the age of 5 years old, red and white machine on all kinds of colorful game in his heart buried the seeds of Dream," engaged in game related occupations "also became his later will Xu's birthday wish.

Time flies, as the first in life insistence, this seed finally in Lu Lingqing 25 years old when rooting germination. From the mop, the network element, the perfect world to the Lu Lingqing game, the career of the Chinese game industry with the end of the tour, the page tour, hand tour of the development process. From the game operation copy Start, Lu Lingqing rely on their own efforts to weave the fate of the game, although did not achieve "to do a professional player" the original dream, but he admits, "as long as the game, I feel that the sky has been treated me not thin." ”

Left hand film, right hand game

The development of China's game industry has gradually entered into the "demographic dividend attenuation" of the structural transformation period, more and more manufacturers look forward to through cross-border cooperation, multi-point layout of the integrated development strategy to create a game pan entertainment industry, and to expand the entire player group. Among them, and the game has the similar entertainment gene film and television has been the first to many game companies to develop the focus area.

However, in Lu Lingqing it appears that the film is a "regrettable art", often wool. It could convey a whole world of worldview and character relationships overnight to hundreds of millions of users, but it had to emit almost all of its energy in just a few weeks. If after the line, the user can also through the game and play in the role of long-term interaction, may be able to the film elaborated on the worldview has a deeper understanding and awareness. Word, film and television can be complementary to the propaganda of the game, while the game is the continuation of the film and television life cycle.

Based on this, the game has been set up since 2013, "shadow travel combined" as one of the company's core strategy. It is relying on "left-hand film, right hand game" dual own resources and innate advantage gene, Huan Rui in the film and television works and video game works on the road to go more professional and thorough, the specific focus on the implementation of in-depth research "fan economy" and "Intellectual Property (IP)" value release.

"Real fan economy"

"Fan economy" refers to the structure of the fan and the concern of the relationship between the operating income-generating behavior, the attention of many stars, idols and industry celebrities. Lu Lingqing that what we usually see as a "fan economy" of selling star peripheral products is that the starting point should go back to "doing something for this lovely group of people." Fans of the pursuit of the star is based on the spirit of entertainment needs, and the nature of the game is precisely this, how to combine the two organically is Lu Lingqing and his team has been exploring the problem.

In fact, the game aims to redefine the "fan economy" in its upcoming first product, "Live in Fragrance," which is to add value to the fan community as the core of the fans ' sentiment. Activate the interaction between the fans and the stars in the game, through the avatar of the stars, the real-life role dubbing and the star signature in the same name. "What we're doing is ultimately making it possible for our fans to have deeper interactions with the stars at lower thresholds and more channels," he said. Lu Lingqing said.

Looking at IP through appearances

The brand influence of "tomb-robbing notes" is beyond doubt, and the game is concerned about the heavyweight national IP "tomb-robbing notes S". In fact, the vast majority of IP products in the market today do not really play its due value, regardless of the developers, distributors or channel operators "excessively" value the IP conductivity suction surface capacity, and not for product development, marketing and other details of complete and unified communication, Ignoring the deep digging and re-creation of the IP brand itself,

Based on this situation, Huan Rui game first put forward the domestic cultural enterprises "AHM mode" concept, that is, "A Herat multitsking (multitasking)". Lu Lingqing that an excellent IP can not only for the film, television, games, music, animation, literature, peripheral and other entertainment products to provide creative copyright and target audience, but also to form the synergy between the modules, rapid completion of user accumulation and impact expansion. Of course, the deep interaction of different forms of IP requires a high degree of unity of resources, specific to "tomb-robbing notes" mainly as the original, film and game three-terminal synchronization and reduction of unity.

Synchronization refers to the stage of game development and film shooting, will be bundled together, through the overall project, synchronization research and development, synchronized integration of materials, the simultaneous release of the listing, synchronous marketing and other resources to share the way to achieve the logo, character, image, scene, equipment, plot and other elements of complete reunification; The two will also have a corresponding plot to solve the riddle, film and television in the unresolved plot will be in the game in the form of eggs to show.

In terms of reduction, Huan Rui game adhering to the research and development purposes is to "restore the South sent three uncle (" Tomb Raider "original author) that year saw everything. Lu Lingqing represents every detail in the layout of the scene and even the text on the bricks, the team and the South sent three uncle repeated communication and confirmation, including the number of times invested in the conventional human and material to run cool, solve puzzles, shooting, adventure and other types of integration of multiple subdivision, are striving to restore the original 100%. "Whatever the final market performance of the product, we hope to finally be able to put this game to the" pirates "and proudly say, ' Look, this is what we have done in the tomb-robbing note. ”

New Entertainment culture business model

Sharing the "shadow Tour" business model of the exploration experience, summed up the game pan-entertainment industry, the general law to reduce the risk faced by practitioners, is Lu Lingqing to participate in this "China game product manager meeting" the biggest intention. And for the Joy Game, 2015 is the acceptance of the results of the year, is expected to launch, including "tomb-robbing note s" and "Live color incense," including the four new works, the ultimate goal is to "the combination of Shadow travel" concept, to create a brand-new cultural form and business model.

"How much capacity does this model have, is not yet known, and we hope that in 2015 we will be able to provide direction through the combination of measured data for video travel, sparking more sparks." "Lu Lingqing said.

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