Lu Zushan, Governor of Zhejiang Province: building affordable housing can not be perfunctory

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24th, Hangzhou, the first batch of economic rental rooms into the final selection procedures, through the open shaking number, the first batch of 52 eligible families participated in the scene of the Open house. The introduction of this economic rental housing is one of the new policies in Hangzhou to solve the problem of low-income families, mainly for the solution is not in line with the application of low-rent housing conditions, and can not afford to buy affordable accommodation in low-income families, or is not in line with the application of affordable housing, and can not afford the ordinary commercial housing "sandwich layer" housing difficulties. Xinhua News agency reporter Xu Xian, Zhejiang Province Governor Lu Zushan: Building affordable housing can not be perfunctory this newspaper Hangzhou (reporter Li Yabiao Qiu Lihua) Zhejiang Provincial Governor Lu Zushan 23rd in Zhejiang Province Economic Work conference said, now some people say that the construction of affordable housing, I would like to ask, those affordable housing in the end is built where? Many are built in the suburbs, residents buy things without shops, doctor, school is not convenient, go to work without buses, therefore, these rooms will not be cared for.  It is not the attitude of the people to be responsible for the construction of the safeguard housing, it is a perfunctory. Lu Zushan said: "I think can be in high-grade, mature community around the construction of some affordable housing, so the district's cleaning, security, nanny and other posts can be the nearest recruitment, for those low-income people to create suitable jobs, but also conducive to optimizing the layout of affordable housing structure, to avoid the" slum "phenomenon.  Lu Zushan said that Zhejiang province is strengthening the housing security work in an all-round way to solve the problem of low-income housing difficult families. One is to clear the scope of affordable housing objects. Fully realize the minimum standard of twice times the following urban low-income housing difficult families of low-cost housing "should be insured", fully meet the household per capita income in the local urban residents per capita disposable income under 60% urban housing difficult families to rent affordable housing needs. Where conditions are necessary to gradually expand the scope of affordable housing objects. Further progress of low-rent housing real estate distribution ratio. The second is to innovate the supply way of affordable housing. In the continued use of low-rent housing, affordable housing and other means, and actively promote economic (public) rental housing, price-limit commercial housing construction, focusing on the solution does not meet the conditions of affordable housing, but also can't afford to buy commercial housing in the urban middle and low income poor people's housing needs and the introduction of talent housing Third, improve the quality of affordable housing. Reasonable planning of the layout of affordable housing, explore the implementation of commercial housing construction to set a certain proportion of the construction of affordable housing, strengthen the protection of the quality of housing construction supervision, speed up the old residential and non-domestic housing reform, improve urban and low-income groups housing conditions and living environment. Four is the implementation of affordable housing construction sources of funds. In strict accordance with the State and provincial government regulations, the total income of land transfer of 2% or 10% of net income for the protection of housing construction. Five is to continue to increase rural housing rescue efforts. Completed 40,000 rural difficult family crisis old housing reform, the rural difficult mass housing assistance coverage extended to the rural minimum standard of 150% households. At the same time, strengthen the regulation and guidance to the real estate market,Comprehensive use of planning, land, taxation and other regulatory means to increase the supply of ordinary commercial housing, support their own and improve housing consumption, curb speculative buying houses.
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