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January 13 News, well-known outdoor brand camel Camel has hired discovery Discovery Channel "Wilderness Survival" series of hosts, the British explorer Bell Griers (Bear Grylls) for the camel outdoor global product design director, leading its high-end outdoor products development, design, Experience and many other parts.

Camel general manager Wan Jingang to billion power network revealed that the main work of the camel after the global product design director's identity to the high-end outdoor products to guide the design advice, participate in personal assessment, the control of product function index, product innovation suggestions, the introduction of world-class outdoor product design.

In addition, although Bell does not have the official spokesperson's identity, but also to a certain extent, the camel's new spokesperson for the work, including participation in the camel's routine advertising photography and the holding of offline outdoor specialist interaction. The camel will launch the Bell earmarked limited series, and research and development of camel's separate high-end outdoor series named.

On why Bell was selected, Wan Jingang said on the one hand, Bell itself has a strong professional outdoor strength and legendary outdoor experience, the requirements of outdoor equipment is very high; on the other hand, through the "Wilderness Survival" program to successfully enter the eyes of the Chinese audience, its crazy, brave, defying the spirit of the adventure of the audience left a very deep impression. These two points will lay the foundation for the development of camel high-end outdoor products.

"Wilderness Survival" host Bell Griers

All along, the camel only Han a spokesperson, Wan Jingang to the past endorsement of Han to give a high degree of evaluation, said that the Camel brand image of the shape, and brand awareness and attention to promote the promotion played a very good role. And the camel achieved double 11 outdoor category champion, the whole network of emergency clothing sales continued first and so on sale data is Han cold endorsement in sales data to enhance the intuitive embodiment.

Han is a man full of stories, he has been in the field of racing after 10 years to win the championship track, for camels, is to shape the spirit of the brand is a good elaboration and sublimation. And Bell is good at facing the challenges of various outdoor environment, its professional and influence in the outdoor circle is undoubtedly conducive to the promotion and shaping the brand's outside the role of the image and influence. Wan Jingang said the signing of the Bell, the two will form a very good complementary. Compared with 2013, camels will be more aggressive in marketing this year.

Bell Griers's full name, nicknamed Bell and Edward Michael Griers, is a British explorer, writer and television presenter, renowned for his survival program, The Secret of wilderness survival.

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