Luo responded to questions: No more hammers, no more factory workers

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Absrtact: July 29 afternoon, the hammer phone founder Luo in the latest response on Weibo, for some media reports quoted in the Hammer phone emergency replacement of the factory information, each to do the corresponding retort. Hammer phone after the official delivery, there is insufficient capacity

On the afternoon of July 29, Luo, founder of Hammer cell phone, posted the latest response on Weibo, citing some of the media reports quoting the "Hammer Phone emergency replacement plant" and other information, to do the corresponding retort.

Hammer mobile phone in the formal delivery, the emergence of insufficient capacity and production line of low yield, caused by the outside world to the start-up company's many speculation. For hammer phones and Luo, such a response would help ease external pressure and misunderstanding in some reports. But it's just a stopgap. How to plan good production capacity, improve the quality rate, solve the problem as soon as possible, is the best way to let the doubters to silence.

Here are the key points of Luo's response:

1. About "Emergency replacement plant":

Luo: Hammer cell phone Level 5 production line (mainly responsible for tooling, mechanical parts of the pre-assembly) arranged in Langfang Foxconn, level 10 production line (mainly responsible for assembly) arranged in Beijing Fuji Kang. The arrangement was made a few months ago. Therefore, there is no replacement for the factory one said.

2. About the current hammer cell capacity:

Luo: Our production line in Beijing Foxconn is dedicated production line, not the line, and these days has begun to set up a second production line-two production line after the smooth operation, can produce nearly 100,000 units of mobile phone (of course, debugging will take some time).

3. About "Production of 48000 units, return volume of up to 40000 units":

Luo: The current production line under the ideal state capacity of up to 1800 units per day, production of 48000 Taiwan's argument is not reliable. As for the return of 40000 units also does not accord with the common sense, if the return is straightforward so high, hammer phone still continue to produce not "suicide attack"?

4. About "Too many openings in the glass panel, affecting reliability":

Luo: There are a lot of phone openings on the glass, not just the hammer. Hammer phone drop test and roller test were passed, using Motorola standards. Because the cell phone front and rear panels are glass, it must not be as resistant as plastic shell. So the hammer phone offers 200 dollars in accidental insurance. Users can safely fall two times a year.

5. With regard to "abuse of Foxconn employees":

Luo: No one has ever scolded a Foxconn engineer, and the problem is to communicate with Foxconn's management leaders.

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