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Like many people, I have always been a spectator for Luo Yonghao and his hammer cell phone. Neither is on the sidelines, nor as enthusiastic as a fan - although on the emotional level, I think China needs more passionate people like Rozoo.

Weibo and forums, attention to the hammer cell phone, and Luo Yonghao still before the other behavior is the same, more divided into two obvious camps: a special advocate, and intense Tucao.

Personal Label

No matter how Luo Yonghao and his team set standards, the possibility of a hammer cellphone becoming a "fan" phone is inevitable. At this point, the hammer cell phone will be more similar to Meizu - the main difference, but be labeled "Luo Yonghao" or "Huang Zhang" label.

It is not difficult to understand why Luo Yonghao and Huang Zhang will be slamming the law and mutual covetous. Luo Yonghao said Meizu's official forum "ghostly forest, evildoer rampant", "Lei Jun too earth, Huang Zhang too stupid, Steve Jobs will be so back." The yellow chapter to counter the fact that sales. But in this industry, there is no non-existent fact. Some media said that Huang Zhang is good at doing products rather than engage in marketing, Luo Yonghao good at marketing and not good at making products, and even shouted their "together" voice.

If we say that Luo and J. Wong need to be together, only because they have a common "enemy": Lei Jun and Xiaomi mobile phones. This is actually Luo Yonghao microblogging official Meizu "apology" reason. From the business point of view, everything is the marketing needs, at least here is the case of Luo Yonghao, from this point of view, Huangzhang and Meizu seem more purely.

Choose to release the hammer cell phone today, Luo Yonghao should be considered: 520 homophone "I love you" meaning. Hammer Technology's official microblogging, from May 13 onwards, only released a daily "hammer cell phone conference countdown" microblogging (during which only added a conference on the microblogging tickets). This strategy is not new, many companies have tried. More interesting is the details: all these microblogging release time, are the whole point, and most of them have chosen the whole ten o'clock.

After the hammer ROM release, everyone for the hammer cell phone expectations, not (but not reluctantly) with so much expectations. Frankly speaking, if Steve Jobs everywhere enemies, the ultimate result is shocking product to establish their own authority, then Luo Yonghao everywhere, the ultimate result in large part, just really the enemy of the tree.

Now I am more interested in, not today, the release of the hammer cell phone, but after that, full of Lo Wing Ho personal label of the hammer cell phone, what trick will be adopted. Because, with tomorrow (May 21) Jingdong Mall listed on the bell, especially mixed with Liu Qiang East and tea sister, will inevitably make the release of the hammer cell phone will soon be out of the media circle of concern - unless Luo Yonghao Once again play its eye-catching good at creating new hot events.

In other words, from the perspective of communication, Luo Yonghao must launch a new round of "propaganda or occasionally spread."

Sturdy does not mean powerful

Being able to create a famous quote is itself a capability. Luo Yonghao's phrase "sturdy life without explanation", has inspired many people, including myself. However, after careful consideration, after years, we may all realize that sturdy does not mean that it is powerful, or even does not mean that it can be strong, especially after the constant cross-border.

Cross-border sometimes means new possibilities, whether Jobs or Elon Musk, have become legendary in cross-border. Lei Jun is also true. Although I personally have "prejudice" on Xiaomi phones and even ridicule everybody who uses Xiaomi phones in my daily life, I still agree that Lei Jun has set a legend in the Chinese market in recent years.

Luo Yonghao is also a cross-border master, he did not agree with the hardware competitiveness of the millet phone, I agree with this view. But specific to the soft power, Luo Yonghao at least once did not honor his rhetoric. This makes him stormed in the process of storming Siemens and sturdy, in the hammer cell phone (ROM), the "mighty" was severely diluted or even lost.

Luo Yonghao has said that his hammer technology, is truly possess the spirit of craftsmanship, and has been generally recognized as the most product features and craftsmanship of the Yellow Chapter, just did not say so.

Similarly, Luo Yonghao with his personal actions to the industry that he is the most good at speculation and communication, but he has yet to confirm to the industry, he can also be transformed into marketing capabilities. And has been recognized as the most capable of marketing the Chinese market, Lei Jun and millet, but also exactly the same marketing ability to basically avoid talking about.

No need to explain the sturdy, but Luo Yonghao choose "to seize a chance to explain next," From this point of view, more like the kind of day-to-day people said they are always lacking in their own characteristics, choose to chatter endlessly trying to prove himself OK, "the more people always lack something, the more they show off." - The endless boasting of hammer ROMs and the emphasis on hammer phones worth at least 4,000 yuan might explain something.

The training industry, the cell phone industry, the most important or final business performance, and the excellence of the product itself to support that business performance, rather than gaining attention by attacking an adversary - at least not just By attacking competitors so simple. If Steve Jobs just attacked IBM and did not come up with MAC machines, but attacked Microsoft and did not come up with OS and iPhone, then Steve Jobs will not be today.

From this point of view, I personally think that although everyone can say "Jobs is nothing like that," but Mr LO could not even make a Chinese version of Tim Cook through a hammer cell phone.

When an actor cares too much about whether the spotlight casts on itself, it means that the performance level is out of alignment. This is the anger hit the refrigerator Luo Yonghao, and hammer technology Luo Yonghao, there is a difference.

(The author of communication media people, WeChat public account: ICTVIEW)

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