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▲ hammer mobile phone product SmartisanT1.

Jinghua Times (Reporter Gu Xiaoyu) Two years after his speech to make a mobile phone, Luo Yonghao's "hammer" has finally come. This Tuesday night, hammer technology released the first mobile phone product "SmartisanT1", the old Luo courageously set his hammer cell phone for more than 3,000 yuan high. However, after the conference this high price was questioned too high.

Hammer phone looks like an iPhone

In appearance, SmartisanT1 and Apple's iPhone is very similar, Luo Yonghao explained, this is because this phone is by Apple's former industrial design director RobertBrunner presided over the design. Of course, the appearance of SmartisanT1 does have some breakthroughs, such as the first appearance of the phone on the brightness adjustment keys, and now almost all of the smart phones to give up the physical function keys.

On the hardware, SmartisanT1 adopts Qualcomm Xiaolong 801 processor, 4.95 inches PixelEyes display, and 1278 megapixel main camera, basically belong to the current mainstream high-end configuration. In price, 16GB capacity version price of 3,000 yuan, 32GB version of 3150 yuan, is expected to ship in early July 2014. The 4G version of SmartisanT1 will be available later, 16GB version of 3500 yuan, 32GB version of 3650 yuan.

Price over 3000 yuan was questioned high

Prior to the interview with reporters Luo Yonghao once said that the hammer cell phone will not be as cost-effective as other domestic mobile phone as the pursuit of goals, pricing will be 3,000 yuan or more. Sure enough, the old Luo did not eat in the pricing, but his strategy was challenged after the hammer conference pricing was significantly higher.

According to insiders, to hammer the hardware configuration and production and processing costs point of view, the cost of a cell phone should be around 1,500 yuan or even lower, coupled with the hammer sales channels online, and marketing mainly depends on Luo Yonghao himself Part of the lower cost, so the current pricing point of view, the hammer's profit margin is quite high. The other handsets with the same level of configuration, the basic price of 2,000 yuan or less.

Luo Yonghao charisma to be market tested

At the conference, Luo Yonghao told a story. He said that the domestic edition of the book Brief History of American Race by Thomas Sower, a scholar in the United States, had been prefaced so that the 200,000-volume reprint of this book, which sold only 5,000 in the country 10 years ago, was sold. It is for their own marketing and sales ability to confidence, so that Luo believe his cell phone in the "Luo Yonghao," the gold signboard can support high prices.

However, mobile phone industry analyst Cheng Bo believes that in the mobile phone industry, brand premium is the result of time, product reputation and marketing together. Hammer is still lacking the brand premium ability, only by the personal appeal of Luo Yonghao, the hammer cell phone has no price advantage in the market. As a new brand, the initial sales may be due to the fan effect, but it is difficult to really volume. Even the most influential personalities such as the Lei Jun have won today's success at low prices. "An example of a brand by a person, before very rare, will not happen in the body of the hammer, it depends on the performance of the market in the future." Cheng Bo said.

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