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Commercial News (reporter Yu Yuqing) after flush (300033) and Oriental Wealth (300059), has been drifting away from the capital markets in the wisdom is also in the CICC, Guotai and southwest Securities composed of luxury sponsorship team "surrounded" by the preparation of IPOs (IPO). Shanghai Great Wisdom Co., Ltd. has issued a prospectus, in accordance with the SFC issued the Audit committee, Great wisdom will be formally accepted in Wednesday.  It is noteworthy that another listed company, the new lake in the Treasure (600208) before the IPO surprise shares, become the second largest shareholder of wisdom. According to the prospectus issued by the great Wisdom, the company plans to issue 110 million shares, the total share capital will reach 695 million shares, the plan to raise capital of 1.025 billion yuan. From the IPO of the sponsor lineup, the great wisdom of the capital market tour is determined to be determined, CICC, Guotai and Southwest Securities three institutions composed of luxurious joint sponsorship lineup for the company listing escort, and this lineup even in the Super large IPO is rare.  Analysts believe that from the size of the issue of equity, with the previous flush and the eastern wealth of the gem is different, this great wisdom is likely to direct landing on the motherboard market. From the financial data, the big wisdom for the capital Market Network Technology Services Division of the industry leader, at the end of 2009, the company has a PC-side paid customers 127,800 households.  and financial data show that the first half of this year, the big wisdom to achieve net profit of 76.12 million yuan, this profit data almost equivalent to the industry two gem listed companies flush and the sum of eastern wealth. It is worth mentioning that if this great wisdom can be smooth, then another listed company New Lake in the treasure will become one of the major beneficiaries.  It is reported that in the second half of the 2009 years before the launch of the IPO, a number of natural and corporate entities, including the new lake, were raided and taken on the Capital Express. The prospectus shows that after August 2009, that is, the eve of the great Wisdom IPO, the company took place three significant equity transfer and increase of share trading, the new lake and corporate units in Suzhou Jinsha River and more than 30 natural persons through the form of surprise shares, become the original shareholder of great wisdom.  The new lake in the treasure at a price of 352 million yuan to subscribe to the wisdom of 64.35 million shares and sat on two head of the position, accounting for the company before the issuance of the total share capital of 11%. The big wisdom Prospectus did not explain the reasons for the surprise and equity transfers before the IPO.  But to be sure, if the wisdom of the Wednesday will be smooth, the IPO on the eve of the surprise shares of some of the funds will undoubtedly yield a lot of money, especially the two owners of the new lake in the most lucrative profits. According to the 2009 great wisdom of 188 million yuan net profit calculation, the company before the issuance of earnings per share reached 0.32 yuan. Analysts believe that the current East wealth and flush two shares of about 80 times times the average, in order to estimate, if successful, the big wisdom of the issue price will be around 25 yuan. This also meansThe new lake in the first 352 million yuan in the capital contribution will be "fermented" more than 1.6 billion yuan, a short period of time on the lucrative.
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