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Recently, according to relevant news reports, for many players in the video game, payment to buy games is a basic activity, and recently, if you still pay the full payment to buy the game, then you out. A website called recently began to explode in the circle of video game fans. What attracts consumers is the innovative way the game is bought by the site. People who buy games through this website can buy their favorite games at discounted prices without official discounts, bringing new services and experiences to players in the gaming circle.

The site allows players to buy games through the "Two-person partnership" approach. Of the two buyers who buy one game at a time, one needs to act as a "borrower" and the other is the "buyer" who ultimately owns the game. Players can work with their friends to buy. If no such partner is found, the site automatically matches the player who wants to buy a game. "Borrower" needs to spend 25% of the game price to enjoy the first three weeks of use time, three weeks later, and the expenditure of 75% of the "buyer" will eventually permanently occupy the right to use the game. Now the average price of the latest stand-alone game is about 60 dollars, so two people will be able to experience and own the game as long as they spend 15 dollars and 45 dollars respectively.

For players who want to play only once, this is a much more cost-effective way to buy a day than a game-rental trader Redbox2 dollars. For those who have the patience to wait for a few days, they can have a nearly entirely new "second-hand game" at 75 percent of the price.

Lynx2game is the newest product of start-up company Lynxsquare. Zul Momin, one of the company's founders and CEO, said the deal had been carried out in many cases. For players, they usually sell game dealers at very low prices after they have experienced the game, while game dealers sell these second-hand games with almost the original price. The dealers benefited a lot from two sales, while the two players were less profitable. Now with lynx2game, dealers are excluded from the deal, and benefits are transferred to players.

Lynxsquare is copying this sales model to other products: lynx2books for books, lynx2movies for movies, lynx2music for music, etc. will be online within six weeks. The company was funded by a 750000-dollar Austin Marvell Incubator, a famous business incubator.

In today's increasingly popular digital trading, we cannot help worrying whether this new approach will be outdated in a few years. Momin himself does not seem to worry about this, he said, now that the second-hand gaming market is up to $2 billion trillion, there is no need to worry about this at all. And he plans to launch a shared platform for digital products in 2013. (MK)

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