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Here is the product and the idea that I see in the Internet Convention, 3W Café 's creation to share, here all is the product that has already commercialized, so a common characteristic is to focus on one aspect of function more, and seek more reliable and durable.

This is the five different positioning of smart watch products I saw:

1. Cookoo Bluetooth smart watch

This is a Bluetooth watch on the Kickstarter project, the pointer dial and the fuselage is the same as the normal watch, the core function is to remind, phone, SMS, call, schedule will be displayed in the middle of the dial, but will not display specific content, only reminders.

Of course, there are some additional functions, such as forgetting to match the phone reminder, set the button has more features such as playing music remote camera, are using the characteristics of Bluetooth. The watches are waterproof and use the standard CR2032 battery, which is the same as the common sports watch.

The watch, which supports Android and iOS, is priced at 1150, as their agents say. Now that the smart watch is just an accessory, it's a little more pure, just a reminder and a good one.


2, nine Ann AM3 Sports watch

Nine health care is to do medical equipment, do smart hardware is also from the Sphygmomanometer. This is their first watch product, strictly speaking is just a sports recorder, with a strap is the watch after, but also can be different in the need to wear accessories.

The function of AM3 is more like the Jawbone Up hand ring, through the three-axis gyroscope, GPS, etc. to measure the movement of the number of steps, mileage, calorie consumption and other data. Between the motion recorder and the watch, he is more inclined to the motion recorder, only has the time display function, even does not have the alarm clock, but also does not have the caloric intake computation this to be inferior jawbone the bracelet.

However, compared to Jawbone Up and Nike FuelBand hand ring products, the AM3 can directly display the movement of data, can also be synchronized. It's the idea of nine-Ann to make a watch out of a bracelet.

3, Pebble

This is an old friend, in Macworld a small booth on the organizer, showing some new things, there are several different colors of pebble. The Macworld Asia organizers, IDG also invited their company's people to support the scene, talk about hardware innovation.

Pebble everyone more familiar with the most conservative approach, electronic paper screen, Entity button, but currently does not support Chinese, can not display Chinese text messages and email reminders, not enough internationalization?

Pebble United States price of 150 U.S. dollars, less than 1000 yuan, the domestic now some businesses to provide booking purchase, the price of more than 1000 yuan.

4. Mio Heart rate Watch

The function of this smart watch is also very simple, is to measure the heart rate, but the material, work is obviously more upscale, the price is also relatively expensive, 1598 yuan.

This Mio heart rate watch is more suitable for people who like sports and not bad money, the core function is to measure heart rate, hold the strap on the right to start heart rate test.

The principle of the test is very interesting, the back of the table has a sensor chip and two LED lights, the test when the LED lantern light, chip to obtain data.

Although the chip appears to be bare, this product can be waterproof 30 meters.



5, Inwatch

Inwatch is also an old friend, and today saw their co-founder, Chen Mo, looking at their booth. This is a bit of luck for the brothers today, people more hands miscellaneous when the phone was stolen.

However, he still learned more inwatch information, the first batch of 5000 watches have been shipped quickly, the system has been the final optimization.

Now tested this version of the battery capacity is 300mAh, the final listing of the battery will do 500mAh. The last time I saw Leon's band said that the charge can only be wireless, in fact, there are four contacts behind the phone, through the charging clamp can be charged.

In addition, the problem that they were thought to be too coarse in material and workmanship may eventually improve, using metal or ceramic materials, and listening to a lot of upscale.

The price of Inwatch is 1788 yuan.

This is today in Macworld Aisa saw five different smart watch products, in the function and positioning is basically no duplication. I purposely will each product price point out, also explained that different positioning is different product form, smart watch there are a lot of play.

Smart watches have a blossoming posture, but why don't you see the bracelet? This is a problem.

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