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Maggie Q "Nikita" poster has been banned because of the scale is too large to be posted, in private, she doesn't Zinfandel, wears simple T-shirts and jeans. She and 7 dogs live in Los Angeles, they are her adopted stray dogs, her family's "King and Queen" to awaken people's awareness of animal protection, she is not afraid of all the bare Maggie Q original Name: Margaret Denise Quigley Chinese name: Li Michi Date of birth: May 22, 1979 Birthplace: Hawaii Honolulu Constellation: Taurus Height: 1.7 meters for American fans, autumn is a carnival. The old play strong return, the show was born, have beaches.  This autumn's play, the action, sexy, suspense, thrilling everything in the complete "Nikita (Nikita)" exciting. Fans who like "Nikita" have two reasons to recommend it: first of all, this is The CW Network (Columbia and Warner Brothers Joint Television network, produced "Gossip Girl", "Vampire Diary", "the United States Model Rookie contest") this year launched the play, the arrogant director Besson 1990 shot of the classic film of the same name, There are now n remake versions. Since its inception in September, the US media has shown unusually keen interest, with the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal making big headlines on the premiere day.  The second reason is that the first actress in the play, in the Justice and evil, love and battlefield sexy female killer, played by Maggie Q. Although the American-Vietnamese Maggie Q is not related to China. But in the early years, Jackie Chan excavated, famous in Hong Kong Entertainment, and Wu, Edison Chen and other rumors of gossip, is a frequent visitor of all kinds of gossip magazine in Hong Kong, even have a Chinese name Li Michi ...  These experiences have led her to more than any recent American drama in China. In many people's minds, the model of Maggieq is just a vase, as her simplified name ——— Margaret Denise Quigley is her name, because very few people can read to "Quigley", the Hong Kong newspaper simply wrote her surname Jane "Q".  But in fact, this woman is not easy. 1. The Nikki killer is showing off her sexuality, one side set off a bloody in "Mission 3" and Tom Cruise, in the "Die 4" with Willis Trading arms, in the "traveler" dressed in crape underwear seduce Ivan Macquege, however, before "Nikita" for many American viewers, Maggie Q is still a strange name.  Put this name on the top of the list of primetime TV dramas such as "Nikita", even for the Maggie CW, as the New York magazine describes, "It's an adventure," and I admit that, for such an opportunity, I'm not the "regular option". However, she was unexpectedly fightingWins all the actress who is eyeing the character, becoming the new generation of the new TV version of the Niki Tower. According to the producer, the reason for finalizing Maggie Q is because she is different from the other actress who auditioned, "When you put a gun in Q's hand, she will not be torn apart immediately." "Maggie Q seems to be born with a dangerous and beautiful female killer temperament, she this" Nikki Tower "Chichi staged lethal temptation, while showing off sexy, Yanghi, while the surprise to pull out lipstick, touch the organ, at any time caused a bloody. However, if you look at the CV of Maggie Q, you can see why in the United States screen burden she will have such a strong gas field ——— apart from the Hollywood of a series of tough image not to say, as early as the development stage in Hong Kong, she has always been a glamorous image of women to show: from the "Special Police new Human 2", "  Rush Hour 2 to "naked Agents", "around the earth 80 Days" ... Maggie Q used the results to prove that he is not huaquanxiutui. At a press conference in Beverly, Los Angeles, Nikita said she accidentally injured an actor during filming, "he didn't avoid me and then suddenly fell and scared me!" The actor is 1.90 metres tall. Careful audience will find that "Die 4" a number of lenses Ribrus Willis on the head have scars, that is Maggie Q careless kicking injury, when the incident, Bruce Bleeding was emergency hospital, sewing 28 stitches.  Visiting the American television program "Laten ight", Maggie Q-chi to teach the host to kick, squat horse stance, the host almost stand unsteady, laugh said "butt torn." But in fact, Maggie Q originally did not have any martial arts foundation. As a model, she was not even able to bend her fingers to reach her toes when she was discovered by Jackie Chan in Hong Kong. But she has an amazing talent for sports, "I wasn't a popular kid before, and the only thing I did at school was to be a varsity athlete." My school days were all spent in sporting events, and that was the only thing I was good at. "Childhood and teenage Maggie Q is track and field and swimming, the teachers, coaches and students still remember that small name Maggie Quigley Girl." "She's very sweet. Coach Edward Sawada recalls, "she is a very good long-distance runner, very strong." "Strong not only her body, but also the will, under the encouragement of the coach, Maggieq always meet the requirements." "She is diligent, humble, cautious and beautiful." I'm really proud of her. "I wonder if I see this in the eyes of reporters surprisingly emaciated, arm only" two coins "so thin girl body hidden movement cells, the eye to know people Jackie Chan became Maggie Q" Boss ", she arranged in her own" family "door school martial arts, from the legs to boxing to sword, Learn all kinds of kung fu, and even learn how toManipulate the pistol. However, Maggie Q did not have the confidence to apply the study to the film. "Jackie, they want me to be in a movie," she said, "but I'm afraid to mess it up."  "Jackie Chan once again invited, she finally summoned the courage in the film" Peak moment 2 "and" around the Earth 80 Days "in the mirror, the play is not much but can a show of skill. Won the Hong Kong Kung fu film Maggie Q in Filming "Nikita", even if not so necessary, but also insisted on the battle without a double. "I must devote myself to the audience." Maggie Q told the Wall Street Journal reporter. In the past, she has been wounded several times, once by a wooden bar hit the face, half of the face was swollen for two weeks, and one in the blasting scene, the eardrum of an ear was shocked, almost deaf. Before every action movie starts, she spends some time practicing the martial arts that she needs to use, and "Nikita" is no exception.  When she found out that "Nikita" was not funded for martial arts training, she even turned to a male friend who worked as a martial arts instructor and developed a training system for the team. She's Maggie Q, a sexy actress, a mixed-blood girl from a small Hawaiian town. A model that can't go on in Japan and Taiwan, a female killer who kicked Willis 28 stitches. One for the protection of animals can be completely naked, a vegetarian who can ride a deer. 2. Poor student • Poor Model A "bird of power" in the text Phoenix, inspired by the U.S. media forecasts, "Nikita" this fall hot, may lead to the streets of tattoo shop business. "Nikita" poster, Maggie q a sexy outfit, oblique sitting in the leather chair, thigh to buttocks tattoo very eye-catching. This is her own tattoo. In the play, she did not like the original, deliberately to cover the Wenqing, "Nikki has tattoos is very suitable, she is the street grew up children, have a hard core." "Tattoo pattern is a Phoenix flying wings." The Phoenix is hers in Chinese. At that time, she told her friends more than once, and heard the same words in different fortune tellers: "You are a bird." "At that time she did not understand the meaning of this sentence, until one day she met an artist, the other said:" Do you know what the bird represents? You are a Phoenix, you come from nothing, and finally make a contribution.  So she was looking for someone to give herself the Phoenix, hoping it would inspire him to be the bird of power. Phoenix reborn from the Ashes, may be a symbol of Maggie Q from a poor student living alone in Asia, famous in Hong Kong, in Hollywood to gain a foothold in the experience. "I was thinking about going home in Asia for two or three months, and I didn't expect to stay for 8 years."  In 2009, she starred in the field Zhuang Zhuang director of the "Wolf Disaster", 2008, she in "the Three Kingdoms see the Dragon unloading a" in the role of the granddaughter of Cao Cao Shu ——— This character is specifically for her and fictional. American media analysts say that Asian-American stars have always been "outside the walls of flowering wall incense", the start of development in Asia, will be better than in the United States to develop, Maggie Q was also a popular model in Asia, she was the cover girl of more than 100 magazines, including "Time" Asia edition, "Fashion Bazaar", "Fashion", "Jia Man" and other well-known magazines, she even was "time" as "model sector a great discovery."  Her Asian fame is not a very magnanimous way to go. After graduating from high school, 17 years old, she listens to the friend suggestion, wears the cheapest clothes alone to leave the Hawaii Honolulu to be aloof from the small town, enters the Japanese modelling profession. Soon, the girl from the tropical island found that "the outside world is very helpless": The Japanese model industry is very repelled by the Eurasian, "they want either real white people, or real Japanese girls." One day I went to audition, and the whole room shouted to me: who recruited you? We want Americans, not black-haired fakes!  "Maggie Q is the wrong beautiful crystallization of the Vietnam War ——— Polish-Irish American soldier father, who met his mother in Vietnam during the war and brought her back to Honolulu after the fighting, with M. Aggie and four brothers and sisters. In Japan, the poor meals, even buy three apples are a lot of determination to Maggie Q, think move to China will change the fate of Taiwan. After that, she found that no one was willing to use her as a model, "I cry every night, but nothing, I have a goal in front."  "Maggie Q did not give up hope, she lived alone in the Dark Damp clock inn, take a few less and less magazine cover, until one day met the noble." On that day, she met a strange woman at the Taipei Night market and began to talk. "I said I wasn't a model, because I didn't work, she asked me why, and I said people here don't like me." The woman wrote her a serial number, "Go to Hong Kong, it's a good place for you." Maggie Q is very surprised: I do not speak Cantonese, I do not know a person in Hong Kong, I am afraid! "The woman encouraged her:" Hong Kong is more international than Taipei, go! That night, Maggie Q returned to the room, tossing and sleeping, and finally, she accepted the advice of a strange woman. She packed the paper with her phone number and bought a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. After that, she took the bus to the number owner ——— Meeyian Yong's office.  For the next 10 years, Meeyian Yong was her agent. In Hong Kong, Maggie Q is in luck. The 1.7-metre head is too short for the catwalk, but it's a strength in the media. Once, TSE to find a model to take photos together, in addition to Maggie Q, all the female models to interview taller than him, she had to choose. Relying on the opportunity to fall into the bag, she began to be watched by the media: "Who is the girl standing next to TSE?"  "Maggie Q This simplified name has been appearing frequently in the Hong Kong press. The noble in her life ——— taught her various schools of Kung Fu fortune tellers ——— said to her, you are a bird. Strange woman ——— give her a bunch of numbers, let her go to Hong Kong Tse Feng ——— find her together to take pictures, because she is shorter than her own "Nikki Tower" ——— The first real role of Asian-American actor 3. The only way to think of a dog, a deer, is to ride a deer! In Asia, Maggie Q is considered "alien", and in the United States she is often described as "exotic beauty". "Am I from an alien planet?" She asked helplessly. This time in "Nikita", she is the first true meaning of the mainstream American drama Asian starring (American drama such as "Lost" in the Korean actor Jin Yunjin is only one of the stars, and not the female number), "I am very happy to represent those who are not often represented."  However, she did not want to be limited by her own yellow skin, black hair, only those "Memoirs of a Geisha" Oriental female role. In a girl who grew up far from native America, she was an Asian rather than an American, and she loved her mother's hometown ——— the beautiful, peaceful countryside of Vietnam. At the moment, she lives in Los Angeles and is at ease. In Hong Kong, she always felt like a hunted animal. "I'm suffocating." She remembers the days when she was afraid of the paparazzi. Hong Kong's small-shot gossip weekly is far more numerous than Los Angeles, where it will be recognised wherever it goes. I can't have a boyfriend, I can't go to the grocery store. "She lives in Los Angeles with 7 dogs, including a Chihuahua, two German shepherds, a bit dog and three mongrel dogs," she said. She put their pictures in the mirror of the makeup car indiscriminately, "they are the kings and queens of my family, and they are everywhere in the house." "There's something interesting about the dog. While walking the dog, her dog ran into the belly of a sleeping stag, and the awakened deer became angry, and the hard antlers were turned against her dog. "The only way I can think of separating them is: I'm going to ride on a deer!" She came up with the action movie and it wasn't surprising ——— the angry deer threw her into the bushes and she broke her leg. Two days later, she appeared on the scene, wrapped in gauze like a mummy, "Thank goodness, the movie was not released at the end!" "Maggie Q is unusually fanatical about animals, and her dogs are mostly adopted stray dogs:" When I was a child I liked to pick up animals.  "If not to become a star, she guessed that she would probably be a veterinarian, when she went to Japan to develop, she also thought, if not famous, or at least earn enough veterinary school tuition." "The protection of animals and the compassion of animals is the first step towards perceiving the environment and perceiving ourselves." "She had read a book about the third world people who would send crops to developed countries as fodder for livestock, but were suffering from famine and became vegetarians."  In an activity, in order to arouse people's awareness of animal protection, she even naked attendance, only with lettuce leaves occlusion of important parts. To protect the animals, she was not afraid of the nude, but she was too sexy for the "Nikki Tower" clothes ——— "Nikita" poster because of the scale tooIt is prohibited to post in a convenience store near the school. In the play, she will change the Chinese clothes every 5 minutes, the red bikini which let the audience to eat ice cream is described by her as "two pieces of cloth connected with the rope", she asked the director: "I can't wear a good dress?" "Originally, the on-screen amorous feelings of all kinds of She is only a zinfandel, wearing only the simplest T-shirts and jeans of the female," I am more accustomed to sweating, wearing pants and boots, like men. I feel uneasy when I dress up. "South All trainee reporter Wusha
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