"Magic Gate Heroes 6" Centaur class introduction

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"The Heroes of the Magic Gate 6 (Might & Magic 6 Heroes)" In the body of the Harpy (Harpy, Iris) and Centaur (Centaur) is also a beast (Beastmen), is the Seven City Alliance wizards in the Seven Dragon Age 512 created, Half a man and a half horse they serve as scouts and shooters in the army. But the glorious days came to an end, and the mages replaced them with the active construct. A wide variety of demons (golem), Stone statues (gargoyle), Titan (Titan) and other configurations are far easier to manage, maintain, and conform to than they are. The work of the Centaur was increasingly low--eventually to the point of the Messenger and the cart. Being deprived of their status makes them furious; it also allows them to spontaneously join the Orc uprising and then disperse on the land of Alexandria to find living space, dignity, and freedom. They soon met the Orc tribes and became their allies: for they shared a common interest and temper.  Centaur Predator (Marauder Centaur) is an upgraded form of Centaur. "We walk our own path, alone." --"unrivaled its way, widowed world."  "As nomadic barbarian tribes, orcs spread everywhere, but they proudly survived the long persecution."  During the first lunar eclipse, the Wizards of the seven-city federation experimented with forbidden Magic. After injecting demon blood into human criminals, they created a "mutant" Commando team: Orcs. As the demon's cousin, the Orc was trained to be the ultimate revenge weapon for the former from birth.  They will defeat the Demons and bring them back into the prison world. They deserve the reward for their bravery and great deeds.  The people of the land of the hills gave them a new identity-slaves. During the second lunar eclipse, the orcs have been freed, but there are still those who wish to put them in chains. Orcs have powerful warriors and shamans, and the latter only use certain types of spells-their subjects include "Blood Magic" from their demonic origins, as well as simple shaman spells. (Digging the shell net)

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