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According to the Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, August 14, after more than a year of construction and installation, the mainland two 8.5 generation line in recent years in accordance with the expected date to start production, long troubled domestic color TV companies "lack of screen pain" is expected to soon become history.  But for just put into production of the two domestic panel enterprises, due to the current global color TV market growth slowed down, panel prices continue to decline, is expected to put into production or suffer short-term performance loss pressure. "Lack of screen pain" in late June, The Beijing-Orient 8.5-generation TFT-LCD production line was put into operation in Beijing the total investment of 28 billion yuan in Beijing Oriental 8.5 generation Line is the first independent construction of the highest generation of TFT-LCD production line, the main production of 26-inch to 55-inch display and LCD TV display, design capacity of 90,000 pieces of glass substrate/month, up to postpartum, Plan to achieve annual output of 13 million LCD screen, the annual output value of nearly 20 billion yuan.  Beijing 8.5 Generation Line Tatsu postpartum, the Beijing-Orient in the global LCD panel market share is expected to rise to about 8%, shipments ranked up to the world's top six. The following August 8, TCL Group Shenzhen huaxing photoelectric 8.5-generation LCD panel project launch.  Huaxing PV 8.5 Generation line total investment of 24.5 billion yuan, the main products are 26 inches to 32 inches, 46 inches and 55-inch LCD TV module, design capacity of 100,000 per month, annual output of about 14 million LCD TV module. LCD panel costs accounted for 40% of the overall cost of LCD TV, for a long time, the core technology to master the LCD panel only Korea, Japan and Taiwan Enterprises, China's mainland TV companies often encounter shortages and high procurement costs. In recent years, the mainland color TV Enterprises group to Taiwan centralized procurement of LCD panels.  2011 Mainland 8 Major color TV companies are expected to purchase 30 million LCD panels in Taiwan, amounting to 5.5 billion U.S. dollars.  Changjiang Securities Electronic Components industry analyst Peng said, the Beijing-Orient, tcl two 8.5 generation line of production, so that the entire panel industry from the original capacity competition to the cost competition phase, may eventually accelerate the panel capacity further to the domestic transfer, as well as supporting the localization of materials supply speed.  Panel Enterprise Collective Losses BoE, Tcl two 8.5 generation line although put into production, but the current global television market is facing a slowdown in growth, LCD panel price decline situation. The 2011 Global LCD TV shipments were expected to be 210 million, below the target of 6 million in the year, DisplaySearch, the Research Institute, recently released its latest market report.  Among them, North America this year's LCD TV demand only up to 39.3 million, lower than the previous estimate of 40.5 million units, the European LCD TV sales are only 56.29 million, lower than the previous estimate of 61.34 million units. According to Witsview, another research institute, in June 2011 China's 6 big television shipments reached 2.598 million units, down 1.7% from May. Together with this year May TV machine shipments 2.643 million units, monthly minus 19%, shipments have been two consecutiveMonths fell.  Over the same period, the mainland's 6 TV brands of television board procurement of about 3.04 million, but also a decline of 4.3% from May. The television market is weak, LCD panel prices have also been falling, since May 2010, the price of LCD panels has been continuously down 15 months, of which 42-inch panels have been falling from 423 to 255 yuan, 40-inch panel from 410 yuan to 235 yuan, 32-inch panel from 268 yuan to 162 yuan,  Fell more than 40% per cent. Under the influence of panel price decline, global panel companies have recently been generally in a loss situation. The world's top four panel companies reported in the second quarter of 2011, Samsung electronic Display panel sector net loss of 210 billion won (about 1.28 billion yuan), LG two quarterly net loss of 48 billion won (about 290 million yuan), friend Tatsu photoelectric two quarterly net loss of NT $10.77 billion  (about 2.4 billion yuan), Chi Mei two quarterly net loss of NT $13.01 billion (about 2.9 billion yuan).  DisplaySearch China research director Bing points out that panel prices are likely to stabilise after the third quarter, largely dependent on the recovery of demand in Western Europe and North America, but the rebound in demand is not optimistic. "Overcapacity" in the global LCD panel, South Korea has been the largest producer of large size TFT-LCD, nearly half of the world's production, followed by the Taiwan region, China's LCD panel production accounted for 40% of global production. From the second quarter of this year, China's large-scale TFT-LCD panel production surpassed Japan for the first time, becoming the world's third-largest panel production.  In the industry's view, with the BoE, TCL Group 8.5 generation line production, as well as Samsung in Suzhou 7.5 Generation line, the development and Reform Commission recently approved friends Tatsu optoelectronics Kunshan 8.5 generation line, these projects will be put into production to help the "localization", but also will aggravate the global panel industry overcapacity. It is out of the Chinese mainland high generation line concentrated on the production of overcapacity worries, has been to the domestic high-generation LCD line for the approval of the South Korean LGD company announced earlier, in view of the current liquid crystal panel market saturation, decided to postpone in Guangzhou, China's 8-generation LCD panel production line start date.  Taiwan Friends Tatsu Photoelectric spokesman Shang has also confirmed that friends Tatsu optoelectronics Kunshan 8.5 generation line is expected to 2012 new plant will not open production capacity, the actual production time will be regarded as the global and China's overall panel supply and demand situation for mobile adjustment. "The LCD panel is a global, fully competitive industry that currently has overcapacity in Global panel production." "Bing said, panel requirements are mainly TV panels and it needs, the world still has a large number of CRT TV to convert to flat-screen TV, the key is in the next few years when this demand can be stimulated, at the same time, the panel supply side of the situation is" jumping growth ", such as the BoE, TCL Group 8.5 Generation line of production, two production lines of nearly 20 million, and the cityField demand does not show a similar leap in growth, so there will be overcapacity in the short term. Home appliance industry experts land edge Wave, with Beijing-Orient, huaxing photovoltaic and other Chinese tablet enterprises, a new round of panel surplus has been formed, foreign liquid crystal, plasma panel manufacturers use prices to suppress the Chinese panel manufacturing enterprises attitude has emerged. and global flat-screen TVs have slowed, and new technology TVs have emerged. Next year is expected to start a new round of global panel price will be ahead of time, which is good for China's color TV companies, but the panel investment enterprises have sounded the alarm, put into production that is the loss of the situation, it is worth vigilance.
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