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A website, whether good or bad, the most basic is to have a site map, clear site map for users not only can all the content of the site at a glance, but also for the search engine can quickly understand and crawl your site, so that its rapid collection of your page.

The role of the site map

Site map for a site is the most basic, then, what exactly does it work? There are two main functions:

1, on the site included to promote the role

Although the site map can not increase the spider to your site included, but there is a site map will be included in your promotion, it can make the Web page glance to the search engine spiders.

2, the structure of the site to optimize the level of direct help.

If the structure of a site is very deep, then for search engines is difficult to crawl to get to, want spiders can crawl to your site's deep-seated structure, then the site map is necessary, how to do site map is the topic we now want to discuss.

Site Map Representation

1. HTML Sitemap

There are two main forms of Web site map, one is HTML site map, English is sitemp---s need lowercase, this site map is mainly for users to see, listed on the site all the main pages linked pages. Here to pay attention to, whether it is a small station or a site, Sitemap must be clear, to give people the effect of a glance. For the small station can complete list of all pages of the entire page, and for large stations, you can list the most important links, but the structure of the site must be clear. If you do not have the idea of the site map, you can imitate others good-looking site map, Chongqing, after the small ding will be detailed about how to make site map, the following map this is Baidu's site map.


Baidu Site Map

2, the form of XML site map

Another manifestation of the site map is the XML form of the site map, the English language is sitemp---s need to capitalize. This format of the Web site map general online have automatically generated tools, just want to generate the Web site you want to enter the website can be automatically generated. The Web site map in XML is made up of XML tags, and the site map is actually a list of URLs that need to be included, as shown in the standard form


Web site map in XML form

Where the urlset tag is required, declare the version of the file used by the version number, URL tag is required, loc tag is the list of your full url,lastmod is an optional label, indicating the last time the page was updated, Changefreq is also an optional label, indicating the frequency of file updates , priority represents the version number.

XML form of the site map to notify the search engine to include the page, but the search engine can not be included, the search engine should also consider whether the page to meet the standards included.

Summary: Although the site map can not be sure to let search engines included in your site, but it is absolutely to your site included to promote the role, so our site has site map is the most basic.

"Make clear site map, let your site included" Fly "Up" by Chongqing SEO prepared

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