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Do you have executive power to make money online? Hey, very uncomfortable, just write the article accidentally was I turned off, do not have the mood. Suddenly think of one thing, by the way to talk about the internet to make money on the implementation of the problem, just this article is to prove this problem. Do not say what is the executive power, I first tell you some cattle habits, in the early days of online money business, is two days sleep, did not sleep when not in play, but in thinking things at work. Here is an example of a celebrity who says that Chen Huimin Chen's executive power when he was young. I don't know who Chen Huimin is?

When Chen was young, he was very young and impulsive. These stories he himself said, hehe. He saw the sale of insurance master Yuanyiping Deeds, said he in order to promote insurance, run a Japanese president's home for more than 70 consecutive times! Every time, are in the president's door sweeping a master blocked, the original one asked his president at home? No, no! 70 consecutive times is an answer. To the 71st time, the old man really can't stand the original a flat harassment, didn't wait for him to say: "I am the president, I really can't stand your harassment, casually sell me a piece of insurance." ”

Chen always was very funny, listen to this story to think: Originally do business, do business so simple? Running 70 times in a row succeeds. As a result, Chen always aims to be an insurance salesman when he is young. He was looking for a job before he graduated in Nanjing, just looking for an insurance salesman. Remember he said he ran to apply for a safe, at that time, when he was writing a job interview, there were about 200 applications piled up over there, one of which was especially funny: in filling out the form, the form above required social relations, when Chen always on top, only wrote a big "no" word.

Later, people told him to go home to wait a week, you say a college student, what do not understand, on a diploma, 0 of social relations, people peace will admit him? and more than 200 people compete at the same time. But Chen always reconciled, he went on 7 consecutive times to go to peace to ask the situation, each time give a person "you go back to wait for news one weeks AH" advised back. During the period, he even met the general manager under the boss, the boss can not see him ah, this general manager he looked for three times.

By the eighth time, things have changed, the day the general manager may have done business mood especially good, and then see Chen always come to let him wait, his own to call, a dozen half-hour. In Chen's total dispirited and discouraged, things big turnaround, the general manager directly to him: "Lad, young man, the personnel department on the 16 floor to fill out the form, tomorrow to work." ”

What is executive power? How to exercise? Make Money online do you have executive power?

Execution is a simple thing to do repeatedly, the original one visit 71 times after the success, he repeated 71 times! Chen insists on 8 times and succeeds after 8 times. Is it difficult to do this thing? Executive force do not need to exercise, what to do? If you can stick to doing things 71 times, your executive power will come out. The executive force is to see how much you have done, not to teach you to exercise a few times.

Do you have executive power to make money online? Can you insist on doing repetitive and single things every day? If you can, then congratulations, you have the ability to execute. I have said to everyone that every day to update the blog and Fuzhou SEO one day, I did not do it, even sometimes I began to suspect that their implementation is not enough.

But in fact, the executive force is so simple, SEO is so simple, is simple things to repeat. Although everyone is a long time teacher, but the results are different. The first time may be slow, do not good. But every day to repeat, master skills, to the end of silly will make perfect. Most people work eight hours a day, but those eight hours and 90% are not working hard, and if you do this for 8 hours, you're at least as strong as 90%.

If you work 12 hours a day, you are doing more than others, and your execution is strong, which at least makes you stronger than 95%. When I finished writing the article was turned off by myself, I write another, complete today's task, this is the embodiment of executive power.

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