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Talked about the role of Web site relevance, I believe a lot of webmaster friends know, do a good job of the relevance of the site, not only can make the site appear more professional, reduce the bounce rate of the site, but also to improve the weight of the site has a lot to help, that we should from what aspects to do

Relevance of Target Keywords

The target keyword is refers to put in the website homepage The key words, many friends heard the website homepage is the website weight highest page, then put a lot of want to do the word to put to the homepage, but did not consider the keyword correlation from the user demand. Figure:


From the security industry, security door, X-ray baggage security machine, poison flat bomb to check the instrument, underground metal detectors are all belong to security equipment, but from the user search needs to see their needs are different, search security door users do not necessarily need X-ray baggage security machine, bombing to check the instrument. such as the title is related to the poor title, if it is "cross-line" that relevance is even worse, the ranking optimization time is relatively long, with a ranking is also difficult to stabilize. Many companies will have a number of different types of user requirements are not the same product, then my optimization proposal is to use a variety of sites to optimize.

Ii. relevance of content to themes

In the early days of the site we should locate the theme of the site, and then around the theme of the site related content layout, the same, the article content page to expand around the article title, rather than trickery. Remember before in A5 cast an article seo, and later found that there are some mechanical type of enterprise station also collected this article. In a look, build stations, SEO, marketing what articles have, let me feel melancholy ...! Many friends think that the more ranked the better, this is a wrong point of view, if the content and the relevance of the topic is very poor, not only to rank no help but let spiders do not understand what your site is doing. Therefore, the content strategy must focus on originality and relevance.


Third, the link in the site of relevance

About the site link structure, I believe many friends know that the contents of different columns generally do not interconnect. When inserting anchor text links in the article, also pay attention to the anchor text and point to the relevance of the page. In addition, the content page will generally have related articles, related reading columns, such as this recommendation to the content of the current page. For example, an article on the SEO page, in the recommended reading only appear SEO-related articles.

Iv. Relevance of external links

Some friends are very strange obviously their own site outside the chain than others, and the ranking is not the other side of the good. Generally either the other side of the site content to do well, in line with user needs, or the other side of the external link is relatively strong correlation. So in doing outside the chain is bound to pay attention to relevance, do a good job in the chain of relevance two points: 1. The relevance between the target station (its own website) and the external link; 2. The correlation between the anchor text and the target station. For example, we do a digital camera site, then in the chain should find some digital related to the site to do outside the chain, and the anchor text should be related to our site's target keywords. Of course, outside the chain whether or not relevant, as long as an effective outside the chain, on our website are beneficial.

About the relevance of the site to introduce the operation here, in this full of competition on the Internet, to their own site in the peer more competitive, then we must do a good job of the quality of the site! This article from Dongguan SEO (, reprint please keep the source!

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