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Keywords Search engine sitemap map "> Site map, also known as the site map, it is a page, which placed all the pages on the site link. When most people don't find the information they need on the site, they may use the site map as a remedy. Search engine spiders like site map very much.

Most people know that site maps are good for improving the user experience: They point the way for site visitors and help lost visitors find the pages they want to see. For SEO, the benefits of Sitemap are more:

1. To provide search engine spiders can browse the entire site links

2. Provide some links for search engine spiders, point to dynamic pages or use other methods to make pages difficult to reach

3. As a potential landing page, the search flow can be optimized

4. If a visitor attempts to access a URL that does not exist within the domain of the site, the visitor will be transferred to the "Cannot find File" error page, and the site map can be used as the "quasi" content of the page.

Written in front of the words: this is to see SEO, only know is three-letter network novice to provide the basic tutorials, search engine Optimization master-level characters, you can ignore do not look, if still have patience to read, remember to smile, do not laugh too loudly.

Speaking of Site map (sitmaps), I believe that as long as the contact site management or Web page production of friends, should be familiar. I don't have to be long-winded about how important the site map is in search engines. The internet is now a deluge of information about SEO.

There are usually two types of sitmaps formats:

HTML format:

XML format: Http://

As long as you landed Baidu, Google, MSN or other large search engines, search related information, you will see a lot about the site map online generation, upload, submission and other knowledge, but I see the tutorial, there are few comprehensive, complete version ( From finding the map build site-Generate online-upload to server-submit to search engine.

So today, I have my own site map generation and submission of experience to my site as an example record as follows:

First step: Find the online site map of the tool site (some users share information)

1. Sitemapspal

Feel simple and practical interface, input to generate Web site URL, only need to do some simple parameter adjustment, you can generate. The generated speed is faster, and the generated sitemaps XML file provides replication and downloads. The disadvantage is that only one level of link depth is supported, That is to say, the URL in the generated file only contains the site link in the home page. If some links to your site are not on the home page, the generated sitemaps will not have the URL address of these links.

2. Xml-sitemaps Generator

The same, enter the website URL, then do some parameter adjustment, press SART can be generated. After the build is complete, provide the following four file downloads: Sitemaps.xml, sitemaps.xml.gz, sitemaps.html, Urllist.txt. No need to explain, download down to know what is used. Disadvantage: The build speed is slow, although there is no link depth limit, but there is a limit of the number of links, 500. It will be read one page at a time, regardless of a few links, But a maximum of 500 URLs will be generated for sitemaps. If you do not want to be subject to any restrictions, then do it, please pay, hehe, not much, just a few dollars.

3. Free Sitemap Generator

You need to register with your mailbox and verify activation, and you can add your own web site to generate sitemaps after activation. The link depth is not restricted, the number of links is not limited, but the speed is too slow, possibly because of the reason that each page is read. Press make sitemaps. It doesn't matter if you're not online. Because it will slowly and slowly generate for you on the server, you don't have to stare at it. The progress of the number rises a little. When the build is complete, it will send an email to your email to notify you, if your station is very big, generally want n an hour before will receive.

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