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First of all, I take you to calculate a sum: The company has 1000 physical servers, each physical server deployment of 100 virtual host, that is, 200,000 virtual hosts, a virtual host January to sell 20 yuan, a total of 200000 (a) *20 (yuan) = 4000000 yuan.

If you take full advantage of the physical server, the 200 virtual hosts are deployed on each physical server, then the company gets a return of 400000 (a) *20 = 8000000 yuan. What is the concept of one more times? What do we know from this bill? The full use of physical servers in the host business is the key to the company's return.

How to make full use of the physical server in the host business? This is important for most hosts, and the most direct reason that companies do not return from hosting business investments is that there are not enough virtual hosts on each physical server. For a long time, the proportion of virtual host and physical host has been controlled at a very low level. Fearing a system failure, they will be happy to control the utilization of each host at 50% or deploy 50 virtual hosts on each physical server.

Solve the problem

The author thinks: A better virtual host management software is very important, how to choose? The author gives an example.

Chanel Virtual Host management system: Chanel Virtual Host management system includes Chanel user interface and WHM Server management interface. The Chanel user interface allows customers to easily manage their own web sites, while the WHM server interface allows server administrators to manage and maintain servers more efficiently.

Chanel in the end can open how many virtual host?

I see an answer on the website: they say to open a virtual Host account, a host installed on the Chanel can open 1000 or so virtual Host account, see Server configuration to decide.

Although not so exaggerated, but open 200 virtual host is no problem. The key to look at your server configuration.

The Chanel host chamber of Commerce mentions that Chanel Virtual host management system is support Apache, occupy memory, this is very bad. This author considers this virtual host management software at the same time also consider this. How to solve this problem? One is the Chanel can install a Nginx plug-in (virtual host business with the majority of Apache, Nginx in the virtual host area used very little, plug-in is to let Chanel support Nginx, but the mainstream of the virtual host Business company will not do) , another is to use other mpm, such as worker, and one is to change Litespeed to do a Web server. As a whole, the cloudlinux effect is obvious, but not just to address the Apache memory footprint. The latter is the best way. Now the author introduces the Cloudlinux mentioned above.

Cloudlinux:cloudlinux is a CentOS Linux distribution, primarily for shared hosting and data center services. Using Cloudlinux allows you to effectively limit the resource footprint of shared accounts, allowing each server to place more accounts and more stability.

The integration of Chanel and Cloudlinux is no doubt seamless. The most important thing is to strengthen the server's resource management, security, and performance. This makes it much better to use the physical server more fully. Do not worry about investment high returns, the virtual host and the proportion of physical host control at a very high level, the company's return is obvious.

In fact, I mentioned today is just a virtual host management software, such as "Plesk Virtual Host management System", "directadmin Virtual Host management system" can also be used as a virtual host management software. No matter what tool you use, the most important thing is to make the most of the physical server.

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