Malicious registration of the domain name arbitration lawsuit rate nearly 90%

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The Internet domain name malicious registration of the event is common, malicious perpetrators of the figure is "first strike for strong" and then transfer profit. However, authoritative information from the China international Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center shows that the rate of the lawsuit against malicious persons registering the domain name of the legal right is close to 90%, and the throwing often end up with "a".

According to two major authorities statistics, in recent years, the total acceptance of 1383 pieces. CN "and Chinese domain name disputes, of which 1191 of the arbitration result is" transfer domain name ", in the arbitration, losing the lawsuit rate as high as 86.1%.

It is understood that some people want to use the name of the Chinese brand registered well-known enterprises and "One night rich", that the early registration can sell a good price, but ignored the legal risk. Once a malicious registration is resorted to a court or an arbitral institution, it is not only difficult for the registered person to make a profit, but also the registration fee and the arbitration litigation fee.

Experts point out that the basic value of domain name lies in the use of domain name investment is not the nature of the domain name, but by the use of domain names derived from, its appreciation of space and domain name usage is closely related. Domain name only with the "matching" company, is indeed their own enterprise all, can really produce value.

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