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Ragged Kings, located in New Hampshire State, is a ski resort that has been open for 49 years and hosts about 90,000 visitors a year. But two years ago the company encountered problems, its new electronic ticketing system has seriously affected the visitors experience.

"Our original intention was very good. "The company's marketing manager, Stacy Lopes recalls," tourists buy a set of ski tickets online, or after a new endorsement, to visit the gate of the scenic area can be a self-service ticket to play. But a sparse, we do not have enough ski tools, resulting in the network ticketing system and the reception of the scenic area has been a problem. ”

Ski and related activities online booking service provider Liftopia is a partner in more than 250 North American ski-area ticketing services, offering an immediate solution for ragged Kings: embedding the company's cloud-based SaaS Price platform on its own website cloud After the store, Lopes's team can change and fine-tune the price of ski packages in real time, and make full use of weather conditions to quickly launch occasional events such as a 14-dollar package on Valentine's Day to stimulate topic marketing and promote sales.

Lopes appreciation of the efficiency of the Liftopia platform: "We began cooperation in Thursday, and by Friday afternoon, ski tickets, equipment leasing and training courses and other products have been fully stationed in the cloud Store, Saturday morning we began online ticketing." ”

After accessing the cloud store, ragged Kings not only received technical support, but also won Lopez's most prized advantage: a relatively robust data analysis system. And Liftopia, the San Francisco company, has less than 10% per single sales.

Only two weeks after the partnership, Ragged Kings Online more than the entire ski season in the past. A whole winter of cooperation down, ragged kings in the ski ticket pricing attempt to further step into how to maximize the revenue phase.

"On the eve of the snowy day, the lowest-priced packages have been sold and the sales of ski tickets with the most discounts are also very gratifying," he said. "We know that the wind and snow will get bigger, so we keep the fares going up a little bit every day and the ski tickets are on the go--how to strike a balance between user needs and pricing, which is a valuable experience for us," Lopez said. ”

When spring came and the ski season ended, ragged Kings found that online ticketing accounted for 45% of the company's last quarter. This year, the company's goal is to increase the share of network ticketing to 60%~70%, while better use of data to guide the management of scenic spots and staff, such as the early prediction of the number of days needed to ski cable car attendants.

Colorado State Bolt's RRC Associates is a tourism research organization, especially the ski scenic spot as the research center. Dave Belin, its consulting services manager, believes that the dynamic price service provided by Liftopia is a major innovation in the ski industry, but it is also vulnerable to the resistance of the conservative and unwilling merchants.

Throughout the ski industry, ticket sales are less than half the total revenue of ski resorts, but Belin said: "This is a ' stepping stone ', it is a tourist into the scenic spot to carry out other additional consumption premise, so for ragged kings such ski resorts, the key to the development is to improve customer price, Selling more derivative services rather than simply expanding the customer base should not focus on the ' price control ' that attracts those who are looking forward to discounts. ”

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