Mango More is quicklime to cover with ethylene to increase the risk of stone

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Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable wholesale market a mango sales stall. Reporter Gu Zhanxu the industry to disclose more Mango is quicklime to the vinyl to cover mature experts said or will increase stone risk wholesale market businessmen confessed: "Currently on the market most of the mango is made with quicklime to the method of ethylene to ripen after the listing, fast and low-cost, has become the preferred method of ripening for most businesses.  Experts said that from a purely safety point of view, the use of quicklime to cover cooked mango is not poisonous, but the state of raw lime and ethylene to cover ripe mango practice has not yet set standards. Chinese idioms have a cloud of "hot potato", but "hot mango" have you ever heard of it?  Mr. Yan, who lives in Panyu, recently encountered such a "bizarre" thing. Mr. Yan said that not long ago he went to Panyu Luo XI New Town Guangzhou Country Garden next to a "walking ghost" stall to buy mango, "See the mango is small size of the ' small Taiwan Farmers ' variety, Tongmin golden, quite tempting, can't help but want to take a few eat." Mr. Yan said, but with a few found that the mango is hot. "Did you heat the mangoes?" Mr. Yan asked stall owners doubtfully. The merchant quite does not care to tell him, the mango hair is hot because the packing box has the quicklime, uses in the ripening, "now all is doing, you do not know?"  "The Walking Ghost" stall owners also do not forget to ask Mr. Yan.  In order to find out, the reporter came to Guangzhou jiangnan fruit and vegetable wholesale market, "Huang Jinlong", "Tai Nong", "small Taiwan farmers" and other varieties of mango is quite tempting, the price is not expensive, "big Taiwan farmers" Mango wholesale price in 1.8~2 yuan/kg.  Reporter found that the Jiangnan fruit and vegetable wholesale market in the mango has a relatively fixed way of packaging: The outer is a gray plastic basket, which is a layer of rice white wrapping paper, with the hand of the wrapping paper, will fall off a layer of white ash, the most inside is mango.  Reporter hand Test, just take out from the plastic basket of mango, most still have more than warm, indeed more than ordinary fruit to be hot. In Guangzhou clock x fruit Trade, is helping people sell Mango boss Clock X City admits, now on the market Mango to Hainan production mainly, after a period of time in Guangxi Mango also listed.  Most of these mangoes are cooked with quicklime. Merchant: Lime to cover ripe mango cost of the lowest "this practice (quicklime and vinyl-covered mango) is the industry's most commonly used method. "Clock x City," said, "Hainan Mango for example, natural ripe fruit may take about one weeks, and mango from Hainan tree to Guangzhou market only need 30 hours, then where is the merchant willing to squeeze the money for one weeks?" Where are the warehouses to make the mango naturally ripe? "The best way to cover a ripe mango with ethylene is to have the lowest cost."  "Clock x City said that the use of quicklime to cover the ripe mango with ethylene, so that a large number of mango in the same time mature, and can make the same mango all angles look similar, so conducive to large-scale sales." Expert: Quicklime as industrial use mango or will residue heavy metals Fu Liang, director of Food Science and Technology Research Center at Jinan University, said"From a purely safe point of view, it is not poisonous to use quicklime to cover cooked mangoes," he said. Ethephon releases ethylene, a gas that can ripen, and the apples and bananas themselves release ethylene gas without fear of safety. And quicklime is not a harmful substance, will not cause great harm.  Fu Liang said the country has not set a standard for the practice of producing lime and ethylene to cover ripe mangoes. Environmental chemistry expert, International Food Packaging Association secretary General Dong Jin Lions revealed that "quicklime is divided into industrial and food use." Industrial lime is cheap, but contains different grades of heavy metals, which may be attached to or even penetrated into fruit. Quicklime produces a lot of calcium ions, is partial alkaline, although there is no proof that more calcium is the direct cause of stone, but eat more, will undoubtedly increase the risk of stone.  Dong Jin Lion said. "In order to reduce risk, consumers should use warm water before eating mango for a while, and then the calcium carbonate completely removed, and then peeled the skin to eat."  Dong Jin Lion said.  Business revealed the common ripening process: 1. Hainan Mango from the tree off.  2. Use quicklime to wrap, ripen with ethylene.  3. After 30 hours of transportation, to Jiangnan fruit and vegetable wholesale market, has been green and yellow phase. 4. In a day or two, the mango turns golden.
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