Many people mistakenly believe that the micro-business is in the circle of friends to sell goods

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Many people mistakenly believe that the micro-business is in the circle of friends to sell goods, but in fact, the definition of micro-quotient in a broad sense of the wood guy should be mobile social power. People in the shopping decision friend's evaluation and recommendation more and more important, micro-business to the end is definitely not the group of friends to sell goods, this group of people just with the help of the early period of the dividend in the circle of friends in the excessive development of a gun, consumer-to-consumer development eventually will face shuffle. Product quality, category selection, logistics, rights are critical, so the final model is C2B2C, in fact, is the real.

Friends sell Goods will die

As we all know, the first batch of micro-business is from the circle of friends. They get rich quickly with the first wave of dividends from a circle of friends, because of the fission effect of this agent distribution and the low threshold, 0-cost virus marketing, micro-business in the circle of friends springing up, so the circle of friends formed the earliest micro-business prototype. With the micro-letter official to the circle of friends malicious marketing crackdown and users of micro-business ads of the deep evil pain, the rise of the new mobile power platform to make friends circle sell goods will go extinct. The reason why the friend Circle selling goods is not the future of the micro-business individuals think there are several reasons:

First, the violent brush screen, destroying the user experience. Friend Circle Marketing has two notable features: first, crazy plus people. Whether strangers or acquaintances, first add the micro-signal to 5000 people (that is, the number of micro-letter upper limit); Whether you love or not, would like to see, shielding or not, just try to brush the screen. Even if there is a 1 per thousand conversion rate, one day down four or five of the turnover is also a good harvest. No wonder this way both are not flattering, neither get the official recognition and by friends of the spit trough. With the user to the use of micro-letters tend to be rational this circle of friends to sell goods brush screen era will eventually end.

Second, the quality is inferior, the genuine. Any commodity in the hearts of consumers the first property is always safe, no production date, no quality assurance, no manufacturers of goods are consumers in the purchase of the most worried. At the same time it is also a prerequisite for testing the eligibility of goods. In the circle of friends because there is no perfect trading system, only through the form of pictures to the user to display merchandise information, and each send a picture is limited (one can only send 9), which caused the micro-merchants do not know what to show consumers what good, consumers can not judge the quality of the pros and cons of the product is true or false. This seriously pollutes the entire market environment.

Again, lack of trust, no protection mechanism. Taobao is so successful because it solves the problem of trust in the transaction, and in the circle of friends it is almost impossible, the exchange between acquaintances may be a little better, but how many people would like to earn the money of acquaintances? Acquaintances are basically between the character and trust to do chip trading. Strangers in the circle of friends are more one-time. All kinds of purchasing rampant, today to promote this, tomorrow to sell that, random change ID, to No shadow to no trace. Once the user bought a fake product has bitter also can't say, do not know who to find.

Finally, the homogeneity of serious, users have no choice. Why the circle of friends to buy a mask so rampant, I think in addition to the market demand, the most important reason is to use the circle of friends "one-on-one" the spread of small profits but quick turnover. To the total generation of recruit, a generation of second generation and other layers of the pattern of large-scale recruitment agent. The sellers themselves do not need any input, just to brush the ads in the circle of friends, call can be traded. 0 cost, high yield, who is unwilling to do. And the user does not choose the right to contrast when buying, can only impulse consumption.

The above four points are just a friend of the most common sales of the main problems, in addition to logistics, order tracking, thin profit, member management are troubled businesses are important issues. So I think the friend Circle sells goods finally is putting the cart before the horse, self-destruction.

Why is it that the development of the micro-quotient is the Business-to-consumer

If you define a friend as a micro-quotient of 1.0, then like micro-electric business, micro-shop, etc. is the micro-quotient 2.0. Even in a sense, the circle of friends selling goods is not a micro-business, it is only a micro-trust Consumer-to-consumer to the business of a transition. The micro-quotient not only refers to the micro-trust, I understand it is a mobile social based on the centralized access and flow of convergence.

Micro-letter Consumer-to-consumer also have a period of time, careful users will find to play the Consumer-to-consumer or those who forced a higher from the media large, deep industry and field of professionals, we are familiar with the Luo thought, Wu Xiaobo, Ghost Foot Seven. Only a veteran of such charismatic personalities would be able to do a good job of consumer-to-consumer (although they are only trying), but how much of this person is in the micro-letter? It must be a handful.

Taobao is the first to go Consumer-to-consumer Road, relying on Alipay Taobao to solve the buyer's trust relationship with the seller, coupled with its a series of perfect trading system, evaluation system, service system, logistics system, rights protection system This is the decade of China's E-commerce ushered in a comprehensive prosperity and development, but even so, It still did not completely solve shoddy, genuine, mixed and fake phenomenon. may be found consumer-to-consumer some of the inevitable loopholes so that the later day of the cat.

Micro-traders also have to go through such a process, and I think that the development of micro-business is bound to evolve along the scale effect of individual-group (institution)-Company. Business is the king, occupy the front-end B must be a strong manufacturer, brand or supplier. Mobile electric dealers will also be from personal stores to the enterprise shop such a model forward. The current money-making micro-business, mainly rely on the development agent to make money, rather than really serve the end consumer to earn money, the friend Circle this kind of micro-business is certainly problematic.

What should a micro-trader do?

Micro-business How to get a good development, how to make money, this is every one of the micro-business people are most concerned about the problem, wood think good micro-business has three conditions is essential:

First, the perfect trading platform. This perfect trading platform is mainly aimed at the above mentioned friend Circle selling goods, from the purchase, logistics, evaluation, rights, such as Taobao as a set of perfect mechanism, so that users can be assured to buy, to solve the minimum trust problem.

Second, the unified customer management system. The establishment of the customer management system is becoming more and more important in the mobile electric business, the CRM system can realize the whole network member database docking, the establishment big data operation mechanism, the promotion precision marketing efficiency, through the member management and the big data operation, the timely insight, the reaction and satisfies the consumer's demand. Get through the line, existing members and potential members, goods and services to connect, efficient operation of fans.

Third, the diversification of the marketing flow portal. "Social + electric" Some people look good, some people do not optimistic. Micro-letter in the electrical business has been trying, from Tencent micro-life, micro-letter shop, Pat Micro Shop is not difficult to see, micro-letter itself is also in touch stone across the river. Micro-letters as the first big traffic entrance this attempt is understandable, but the existence of the micro-business is not so narrow, the future of the micro-commerce will be all social tools, scattered traffic to a portal, marketing is not only a circle of friends, it will share the user often stay in some places, before the user to find a business, The future may be the business initiative to find users.

No matter how the outside world views the market, as all industries will be Internet, I am optimistic that the micro-trader will gradually occupy the share of mobile power. The alliance will also continue to exert its power in the micro-business sector, aggregating mobile social traffic, and providing more micro-traders with the basic trading platform for social dealers.

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