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The author is an enterprise network promoter, today and you talk about enterprise company's network promotion status. As we all know, network promotion belongs to a classification of network marketing, so because of its particularity, network promotion may not guarantee the marketing effect of the enterprise, this factor will certainly exist. But it does not necessarily have no effect, network promotion is also a disadvantage. Embodied in the corporate brand lack of trust, lack of joy, technology and security issues, price problems, advertising ineffective. Network promotion More passive, can not be divided into the ranks of the salesman. In a word, network promotion is only responsible for network information coverage and optimization, but it is impossible to guarantee absolute sales results.

As a result, many corporate network promotion staff are facing great pressure, from the boss's point of view, he could not pay attention to your promotional methods, the promotion process, as a business owner he will only focus on a result: So is the direct marketing results, the company's products sold not sold out, how much through the network sold? How many orders have you received? Standing in the perspective of the promoter, the company's product information and the company's brand through a variety of channels to publish, which will involve SEM and SEO. SEM contains SEO. SEM is facing the search engine results page information coverage, can not be their own website, the company's product information and brand information published to the network corner of the Downs. Forums, blogs, message books, websites, and now popular microblogs, publish information to the Web where everything can be reached. To get the information you want to post over the Internet, when the target user search related keywords will appear you release information, but often network promotion of more than one company and enterprise, or others are also promoting the same products, then we in order to achieve our information coverage purposes, we will strengthen the release of information quantity, quality and so on. When the target users search for relevant information on the search engine, Baidu's top 10 have 8 is the information they released, only to reach your network to promote the target, the information to cover the search engine to do so to this is SEM.

Network promotion is divided into paid promotion and free promotion. Baidu Price, soft news release, business-to-business platform information at the top, the purchase of high weight outside the chain, such as these are the promotional methods of fees; free promotion has a lot of, landing some website platform for information release, business-to-business, classified, blog, forum, know, encyclopedia, question and answer. Free promotion will also involve SEM. The above is a simple description of SEM, so now say what is SEO. Why say SEO belong to sem inside a kind of? Corporate website will build their own website or blog, around their own website to do the promotion will use the SEO. SEO is an enterprise only for their own site optimization, the enterprise site to optimize the keyword optimization to search engine first page or first place. To do SEO, you have to have the company's own site, will involve the construction of the site, website operation, code optimization, internal optimization and external optimization, until their site some keywords ranked Baidu Forefront for the purpose.

From the above introduction can be learned that network promotion can be divided into external promotion and internal promotion, the external promotion is the SEM, the internal promotion is the SEO, the external promotion is sends the information to other website or the channel, may be own blog also may be other people's website platform, this information may be the product information, may be the website link , can also be the company's brand information, such as soft, then the internal promotion is only around their own corporate web site, SEO is the first, to do SEO, will certainly send some outside the chain, or even buy outside the chain, to other station hair outside the chain, to the well-known news stations released soft, SEM and SEO is actually a lot of association, Although all belong to network promotion, but the wrong trace complex, countless. In fact, the network promotion is doing a good job of SEM and SEO.

Many enterprise network promoter does not attach importance to SEM, blindly pursue the company's website construction and the company's website keyword SEO optimization, in this era full of online marketing gunpowder, competition is very fierce, a product at the same time there will be thousands of companies doing this keyword, for example, you sell mooncakes, you go to do site optimization. Where are the mooncakes for sale? " People sell mooncakes To do these keywords, Baidu index more than 1000 keywords to optimize the good is very difficult, the requirements of time is also very important. Site domain name registration time, site existence of the time, will affect the weight of the site, we are grappling with the same keyword, often to the end, the key is not optimized, the time is also wasted, the results are not, but also by the company's boss suspected that you are not a good network promoter.

So, we can lock the proportion of the company's website optimization to 40%. 60% to do SEM. To cover the information to other websites on the network, not necessarily to send a link, the network to promote plainly, that is, on the network to play advertising. It's the same as TV commercials, every year the television stations will play: "This year's feast is not gifts, gifts also receive brain Platinum" They are also in the advertising, can be in CCTV and major provincial and municipal television advertising is not a small number can do, but their brain platinum sales are not advertising made to sell fire, When the TV station broadcasts the advertisement, I want to ask everybody: Did you buy? I believe that you buy very little, but, once the gift to the elders and friends do not know what to send gifts, you will suddenly think of melatonin? This is the role of advertising marketing: Brand promotion.

A lot of corporate network promotion staff are facing this pressure, very tangled, the website keyword is always optimized does not go up, the external promotion has not much time to do, the information coverage is not perfect, then we also take what to rape user's eyeball? Of course, the SEO inside the site to do, analysis of the opponent site why keywords will rank so high? Explain to your boss, website optimization is a very long process, less three, five months, more than 35 years, perhaps a lifetime. Do not put the SEO to the myth, make so mysterious, we as a professional extension personnel should be so superstitious? Keyword Index low is easy to optimize, the key words compare fire difficult to do, we can change a kind of optimization strategy? For example, we can do long tail keyword optimization, often the main keyword ranking is not ideal case , to do long tail will receive unexpected results, the most direct embodiment is to increase the site's IP traffic, then, the site traffic will directly increase the weight of the site!

Network promotion is the enterprise's product information and corporate brand awareness, many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars every month to do Baidu promotion, Baidu Price, I would like to ask, these enterprises to make these promotional costs back? It is clear that most corporate companies do not recoup the cost of investment. Why enterprises need to promote the network, in fact, to use the least amount of money to do the best information coverage effect! Of course, many enterprises in order to ensure the maximum strength of network promotion, in the most expensive to promote the Baidu, but also the use of free promotion, the recruitment of several enterprise network promotion staff. Of course, small business companies always ask for the extension of the request will be too much, even too high, or even directly to the network to promote the contract out, as a business performance commission to engage. Network promoter here will face a huge professional risk, once no commission, it will be a loss to help enterprises to promote. Admittedly, the enterprise did Baidu to pay the promotion, the keyword is always first, but how many orders?

Here have to also explain, our domestic site optimization to do seo almost exist a pathological, open some corporate web site, inside content is not much, rarely updated, the homepage title keyword piling, completely do not know what the name of the site theme. Article product content is all within the chain and anchor link, the number of external links more than the total number of sites included. The head of the site, the tail, full station with the "Golden chain." This SEO is too obvious, everywhere is the label, we do SEO can not do seo for SEO, website internal strength is the premise, visitors have a good experience is very important! Baidu is now used to search, so the optimization for Baidu has almost become the mainstream, we do not forget that the site qualifications of the old, comprehensive information, Baidu weight will be very high , followed by the optimization recommended by Baidu to implement optimization. To do so, in addition to the necessary daily optimization means, perfect, the other is only waiting. When the enterprise does not give you this time to wait, that can only show that the enterprise really do not understand SEO. You need to explain and explanation, as for the enterprise accept or not accept, that depends on the enterprise mentality and good communication. SEO is not a myth, SEO is not mysterious. Every person doing SEO, his practice has his own set of independent theory, or value the construction of the chain, or high weight of the weight of the site transfer and so on, so each practitioner can not promise hundred percent to do a certain word will go to Baidu first.

For enterprises to do the network before the development of a set of detailed and complete promotion program, in the implementation of the actual situation in the process of appropriate adjustment, every day in the analysis of data at the same time, and statistics to promote the results of the Enterprise website keyword optimization, although it is important, but the proportion can not be too heavy, the company's products and brand information dissemination, Every day to continue, 8 hours a day to work time, we write a number of soft text every day, we sent a number of Baidu to know the problem, the number of construction of high-quality outside the chain? Corporate internal Web site content updates and SEO optimization, these are the daily work, full of the full effort to do, I believe that efforts will have a harvest, Network promotion can not use how many products sold, received how many intentions of customer feedback to do measurement. But can query search engine coverage of how much information, product and company brand well-known coverage, the company's website keyword on the first page of Baidu did not do the guidelines. and enterprise network promotion is a long time work, is not to promote the results out can be stopped, when the enterprise stopped the network promotion, the previous promotion of the rankings, information, will be the new emergence of the enterprise information to be flooded, the previous in the first few pages of Baidu information will be slowly ranked down, Until the top dozens of pages of the search results are even completely gone.

Enterprises inseparable from network promotion, network promotion can make corporate brand awareness increase, product information A large number of network coverage, thereby indirectly achieve the ultimate goal of network marketing, that is, through the network to sell products or through the network to allow prospective customers to find our business. 2012 is also the rapid development of E-commerce, corporate companies on the network to promote the needs of the staff will continue to increase. Enterprises to see the role of network promoter, as a network promoter the biggest goal is to realize the value of life, the value of the enterprise and contribution to society. To realize the value of network promotion, quickly reach the marketing effect, will be the most concerned about all network promotion staff. This article by: Anote Inkjet code Machine website feeds. (Text/Mao Hongliang)

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