Maotai Shanghai retail price soared to thousand dealers generally out of stock

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Since December 7 last year, the announcement of the increase in ex-factory prices, Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. has been no further measures, but the price of Maotai market prices have soared, the current Shanghai market part of the 53-degree Maotai liquor price has reached the "1018 yuan/bottle" of sky-high prices,  than the Guizhou Maotai announced the price of nearly 300 yuan. Retail price rising the morning news reporter yesterday in the Fuxing Road, a Shanghai tobacco group in the liquor store, where the flying 53 degrees Maotai liquor price for 1018 yuan.  The salesman said that Maotai liquor has been rising recently, the price of 1018 yuan is two weeks ago just transferred up, "now the goods can not get."  The price of 1018 yuan is not only the liquor store, located in the Horse Road, Shunchang Road, the liquor store price is also "1018". Some shops that have not yet reached such high prices are also considering higher prices. Long I. Road A Nanyan liquor store 53 degree Maotai price for 928 Yuan, the salesman said, "You do not buy now, next week will rise to 958 yuan." "Shuangyang Road of the tobacco shop salesman revealed that they are waiting for 53 degrees Maotai price notice, according to him, 53 degrees Maotai final price to reach 1080 yuan," now is to see when the price rise to this. "Maotai liquor prices caused by other brands of liquor collective follow." It is understood that Wuliangye, Wells, Jiannanchun and other first-line liquor retail prices have different degrees of rise.  The above Fuxing Road liquor store's 52-degree Wuliangye price rose from 728 yuan to 758 yuan yesterday, while the price of 52-degree wells Square rose from 530 to 638 yuan. Dealers generally out of stock "too outrageous, too outrageous, unexpectedly sold to this price." "Retail price broken thousand, let Guizhou Maotai dealers also surprised."  According to the morning news reporter scene food, although the smoke liquor store flying 53 degrees Maotai has broken thousand or nearly thousand, but supermarkets and Guizhou Maotai Shanghai distribution network prices are still under 900 yuan, including the City road Carrefour price of 828 yuan, Cangyuan road farming supermarket price is 799 yuan. According to the company's website of Maotai in Guizhou, there are 25 distribution outlets in Shanghai.  Morning News reporter Telephone consultation of the 15, flying 53 degrees Maotai liquor quote up to 858 yuan, the minimum of 789 yuan. However, the distribution network of Maotai in Guizhou is now generally in the shortage state.  The above 15 distribution network, there are 10 of the current "There is no goods", and there are not many stores of goods, some only two or three bottles, as to when the arrival, many distribution network can not give a clear answer. It is reported that as a distributor of Guizhou Maotai 25 distribution outlets, generally only to the old customers supply, so long as manufacturers do not adjust prices, its price will not appear a large offset.  and tobacco group liquor stores are two or even three-level dealers, the price can be regulated in accordance with market autonomy. It is reported that in last December, the dealer conference, Guizhou Maotai announced the increase in the same time issued a "limit order": at the factory price to mentionPromotion, distributor retail price may not be upgraded, 53 degrees flying Maotai retail terminal price must not exceed 730 yuan/bottle.  If the distributor violates the stipulated price increase, will face terminates the contract, the deduction margin penalty, serious will cancel the dealer qualification.  A battle to raise prices in the peak season?  The reason for such a tight supply, Guizhou Maotai dealers give the explanation is this year Shanghai's demand is big. "There are too many people in and out of Shanghai this year and the market is in great demand." "One of Maotai dealers in Guizhou-Shanghai Mei Tian Liquor Sales Co., Ltd., a head of the Changning store, said the Shanghai Tobacco Group Liquor Stores will be Maotai sold to 1018 yuan, the main or sell well," they receive goods in Shanghai, not receive will also go to the field to collect.  "The person believes that in the Shanghai World Expo has not yet been held, there are units began to hoard goods, Shanghai demand not only raised the local Maotai price, but also led to a bullish foreign market." However, some analysts believe that the high price of the retail market and Guizhou Maotai this year to implement the reorganization of dealers, control shipments of the behavior has a great relationship.  CIC Consultant Food industry researcher Zhou Sizhan pointed out that the implementation of Guizhou Maotai control policy directly led to the price of Maotai. Zhou Sizhan that, although the price increase in the retail market, but most likely manufacturers for the peak season to increase the price of the battle before. Another analyst said, "in accordance with the Convention, Guizhou Maotai every year will increase by about 10%, if Maotai can be a smooth off-season, then the rising price of inertia will not only for enterprises and dealers to bring more profit space, but also to consumers have psychological expectations." "National Gold Securities analyst Chengang also agree that there is the possibility of price adjustment," but for the state-owned enterprises in Guizhou Maotai, will certainly be more cautious. ”
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