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March 26, produced by NetEase Games, the classic end of the IP production of "Dream West Tour" Hand Tour official online test. From 12 o'clock Open service, the day 18 "Dream West Tour" Hand Tour has boarded the 1th place of the App Store free list, the ranking of the best-selling list steadily rising and in this afternoon successfully reached the summit. So far, "dream West Tour" hand-tour iOS firmly occupy the iphone, the ipad double best-selling list first.
Dream West Tour "in 2003 after the launch, because of cartoon characters and reality closer to the game world by many players in pursuit. By the statistics "Dream West Tour" registered users up to 310 million, the highest online up to 2.71 million, the game's brand value is difficult to measure. More than 10 years later, "Dream West Tour" by virtue of its vitality and influence has undoubtedly become the most well-known national-level IP.
March 30 Two-terminal public test channel preheating first
"Dream West Tour" iOS end of the public test handed over a beautiful report card, followed by the 30th Android end of the online exam. But this time the hand swims the channel to advance one step, has already launched the game warm-up activity in advance.
Take 360 as an example, 27th night operation team through hundred people Brush building opened the "Dream West Tour" series of warm-up activities, this is the past channel in the promotion of key products in the process of rare "active" behavior. The author also learned that, in addition to brush building preheating activities, 360 at the same time produced a four-lattice comics together to carry out micro-BO micro-letter promotion.
Fan economic victory 2015 years deep deep in the IP is the trend
2015 years ago, it is difficult to see the channel will take the initiative to preheat, and for "Dream West Tour" Hand Tour This "exceptional" treatment behind, is the 2015 Hand tour IP operation will usher in the "2.0" era. In the past "hand Tour IP1.0" era, shoddy products often can not correctly play the value of IP, and even damage the original brand value. After experiencing the initial stage of IP operation, the 360-representative channel operators begin to implement the fine operation strategy and exploit the potential value of IP. From 2015 to share the case, "Young Kingdoms", "Pleasant goat Run", "Navigation Wang Qiai" are from well-known IP adaptation, in 360 mobile gaming all-round three-dimensional marketing model, achieved good market results. In the case of "juvenile Kingdoms", the
360 mobile games operating team from its online to date, equipped with the S-Class promotional resources, at the same time, "people do not live in vain youth" as a propaganda point, combined with "Chenhe" endorsement of the star effect, targeted the planning of "through the Three Kingdoms and Chenhe torn brand", " Young Kingdoms Rob Red envelopes to send mobile phones, send phone calls, such as some of the warm-up activities, attracted a large number of "Three Kingdoms fans" and Chenhe fan users. It is reported that the game in the first day of the Android test, 360 platform download, registration is ranked first in the channel.
Channel to force, the product more to give force, 360 bullish "Dream West Tour" handThe basis of the tour is NetEase for the Dream West Tour this classic IP reasonable use. "Dream West Tour" Hand Tour version in the picture quality, characters and music sound effects and other aspects are the same as the end, hand Zhangduan in the operation of the simplification. From the initial novice plot to the back of the road, the game is reflected in the plot is authentic, the main advantages are divided into four points:
1. The 6 major groups with a high degree of fitness
"Dream West Tour" Hand tour from the end of the tour of the 15 door faction, Selected the most representative of the 6 gateway as a hand tour of the six major occupations: the high physical monomer bursts out of the Datang authorities; very fast, good at seal control of the mountain, the spell group injury high in the Dragon Palace, good treatment, the only revival of the skills of the Putuo Mountain; physical injury later door faction Lions Camel Ridge; can add blood, Group second ability is also good auxiliary door pie underworld. But NetEase also said it will launch new door faction in succession. Although the hand tour only 6 gate faction, and in some skills to do a cut, but with the end of the match is still very high.
2. The classic play can be continued
as "Dream West Tour" end of the more classic in the daily play in the hand tour also to the continuation, such as: Catch Ghosts, Division door, treasure map and so on. But at the same time according to the characteristics of mobile platform to do the appropriate optimization, some of the links in the middle of the simple, convenient mobile phone operation.
3. The high reduction of the pet system
in "Dream West Tour" end of the tour can often see tyrants players with a string of high pet "parade" scene, and "Dream West Tour" Hand tour also continued the end of the classic pet formation mechanism, so the end of the scene will also be seen in the hand tour.
4. Player trading platform
"dream West Tour" end of the system can be said to support the game's half the sky, players through the stall can earn some fees. And the hand tour version also completely moved the model, in the hands of the stall is obviously more convenient than the end of the tour.
Channel 2015: Speed for the King and craftsman Spirit
Channels in the change of attitude towards the product, on their own positioning in the change. 360 company Chairman Zhou recently put forward, mobile phone market competition is fierce, not blue ocean has become a sea of blood. Therefore, the speed and the pursuit of excellence in the "Craftsman spirit" to the two-pronged approach, that is, you have to drive at high speed to repair the car.
Speed for the king of the Times, we saw the channel has tried to rob the road overtaking, treatment of key products have been from the original "support" to upgrade to "all-round three-dimensional marketing." The pursuit of Craftsman spirit, so that the channel constantly pondering the user mentality, product promotion and Operation excellence.
2015, the channel is changing, in the self change. March 30, "Dream West Tour" Hand tour will be in 360 platform grand public test. No, I can't!
Statement: Sina Game Channel published this article for the purpose of transmitting information, in no way means that Sina company to endorse its views or confirm its description.


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