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Microsoft releases SQL Server RTM version

March 2012 for cloud computing manufacturers can be used to describe the release of new products, Yangchun March, many manufacturers have released a new product on cloud computing, the strategic deployment of new products into the cloud, have to say that the release of cloud computing products manufacturers are more like "model workers", Like Microsoft released the Windows 8 consumer preview in the early hours of March 1, and after a few days, March 7 Microsoft released the latest SQL Server 2012 new version, in addition to Microsoft, as well as Intel and Huawei and other manufacturers have launched a blockbuster new products.

March 7, the Intel Xeon E5 processor in Beijing held a grand launch ceremony, the release of the Xeon E5 flagship cloud computing, and Intel's new release also marks Intel will formally open the cloud computing gateway, and accelerate the pace of private cloud construction. Huawei on March 20 officially released a new generation of tecal RH2288 V2 Server, as this year's Huawei server market is a strategic product, the server to close to customer demand, accelerate business, and meet the private cloud, a common cloud and mixed cloud application environment, emphasizing more personalized and diverse needs.

In response to the March manufacturers collective launch of new products, let us look at these "model Workers" released by the new products are all the bright spots and features.

First, let's look at the new SQL Server RTM version of Microsoft in March, which adds a new smart Business pack, and SQL Server RTM provides a cloud computing information platform, The platform can quickly restart deployment scenarios and extend data in both internal and public clouds. From the version, Microsoft's launch of SQL Server 2012 includes three major versions: Enterprise, standard, and new business intelligence. Of these, the SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition is a full-featured version, while the other two versions are for Workgroups and small and medium sized enterprises, with different machine sizes and extended database capabilities, depending on the number of processor cores.

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 provides a platform for cloud computing information that helps organizations have a breakthrough insight into the entire organization and can quickly redeploy scenarios and extend data within and across the public cloud. SQL Server 2012 provides primarily six types of services, including the required uptime and data protection through AlwaysOn, breakthrough and predictable performance through column storage indexes, and help with security and compliance through new user-defined roles and default schemas for groups Enable fast data recovery through column storage indexes to better understand the organization, ensure more reliable and consistent data through SSIS improvements, Master Data Services Add-ins for Excel, and new data Quality services; by using SQL The data-tier application component (DAC) parity of Azure and SQL Server data Tools optimizes it and developer productivity between servers and the cloud to achieve a unified development experience among databases, BI, and cloud functions.

Intel releases E5 processor Huawei builds media cloud

After looking at Microsoft's new product, let's take a look at the same new-Intel next-generation Xeon E5 series, also released in March by the launch of the flagship cloud computing industry, which is the newest core of the dual-and quad-server market, a connecting link for the entire Intel processor, Up can be compared to the performance of the low-end Xeon E7 series, downward can be better with the Xeon E3 platform interface. All along, the Intel Next generation Xeon E5 processor speculation has not been interrupted, visible market and user expectations for the E5. Let the cloud datacenter have a strong "core", which Intel has been advocating. In particular, the 2015 Cloud Vision, officially released in October 2010, gives us a list of Intel's ambitious goals.

Xeon e5-2680 (image from Network)

In particular, the Open Data Center consortium, which is led by Intel, brings together the power of the relevant equipment vendors in the Cloud Data Center (Alliance). And, through the data center in all aspects of the gap, to create an open cloud data center. Intel and the Open Data Center consortium have been working on the cloud vision from Intel E3, E7 to E5 processors.

Finally, let's take a look at Huawei's new cloud computing products with the title of the model, March 22 The main communications technology and solutions provider-Huawei at the 20th China International Radio and Television Information Network exhibition on the display of optoelectronic media cloud solutions, as well as the media platform for radio and television networks, Huawei Media Cloud Solution can effectively help operators optimize the content of the operation. Through Huawei Media Cloud solution can bring a wide range of content to the radio and television Network Center, through the media lifecycle processing can increase asset value added and advertising potential value.

Huawei Cloud Computing Architecture (images from the network)

As early as 2011, Huawei had announced the creation of an IT product line and stepped up its efforts to develop cloud computing, and the bureau was told that more than 10,000 people were involved in the development of cloud computing technology. And its team also around the world, including Beijing, Shenzhen, in the United States and other fields, Huawei Cloud computing products and solutions have been widely praised by users, Huawei launched a series of cloud products, including cloud server, cloud storage and media cloud, Green Cloud data center solutions covering cloud architecture, cloud platform and cloud application of the three major core.


For the March cloud computing market can be described with a thriving, many manufacturers have begun to put the concept of cloud computing into practice, and into the product, for users, good products will be favored, and cloud-driven by the industry boom is also driving the rapid development of IT industry, But there is still a need to be wary of the bubble-economy effects of cloud computing. Behind the cloud we still need to be more calm.

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