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Previously, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other established vendors involved in cloud computing were often outsourced partners for many corporate clients, but now corporate customers often turn to "> Infrastructure services provider. But that does not mean that these outsourcing companies are in a good position;

Veteran vendors face stiff competition from new infrastructure providers (Amazon, Rackspace and other providers) for outsourcing, according to a report published by PwC.

"After all, the service providers in the IT outsourcing sector have made a significant profit by handling highly complex, one-time-assembled IT assets for customers and finding ways to manage them more efficiently than customers," the PwC report said. ”

"But the essence of cloud computing is to switch to a highly standardized, popular server", using software to manage these servers, allowing customers to run applications on the server through self-service. "Where is it outsourcing opportunities in this area," said Mike Pearl, a partner and cloud computing director at PwC, who wrote the report. ”

"What we see from the large technology providers using the original business model is that they take into account the cost of building the original architectural components," Pearl said in an interview. "In addition to the x86 popular system, traditional outsourcing vendors such as IBM and HP are often able to run Sun Sparc, IBM Power, IBM AIX, mainframe systems and HP-UX systems."

The infrastructure, the service (IaaS) provider, is not struggling to get the skills it needs to carry out this work. They simply focus on the x86 system and build them up to run in a highly automated way. As a result, they can charge hourly fees and levy competitive rates compared to traditional outsourcing models.

Pearl predicts that while Amazon's network services sector is the market leader in IaaS, the cloud-oriented services for businesses will quickly rise.

In short, the IaaS of cloud service providers is subverting the IT outsourcing landscape. PwC recently conducted a survey of 489 companies about it outsourcing and the future of cloud computing, and the results show that most companies will soon favour professional infrastructure service providers.

The survey showed that 77% of companies have started to plan some kind of cloud computing, or have plans to do so, and 64% said that cloud computing would be the best way to manage IT infrastructures over the next three years. Asked who will be the best provider of this infrastructure for the next three years, 55% represents a service provider dedicated to private cloud services; only 39% are traditional outsourcing companies.

Even 152 companies that currently have contracts with outsourced partners have shown similar results. Asked who would be the best infrastructure partner in the future, 52% said "new cloud computing service providers would be the best partners", the report said.

The respondents said they believed that professional cloud computing service providers would be able to provide a managed infrastructure for outsourced companies in the future, while handing responsibility for handling workloads to the customers of the company, which was expected to cost savings, the report said.

Pearl says companies that resort to IaaS need to understand how service providers operate and take responsibility for the day-to-day operation of workloads. The IaaS provider quickly provides the ability to allow end users to configure resources for their servers and start workloads. Similarly, Pearl says, "Automation of tools and day-to-day running processes is evolving at the same rapid pace." "In the future, if you let IaaS run a set of application services in Thursday 2 o'clock in the afternoon, you can disregard them and know they will run at the right time, unless you receive a notification that they have stopped running."

Private cloud services may be delivered from within the company or delivered from a public cloud. When delivered from a public cloud, private cloud services often include hardware isolation from other customers, rather than using shared multi-tenant servers, encrypted transmission via virtual LANs or secure lines, and secure data processing processes.

Amazon, Rackspace, Gogrid, Verizon/terremark, At&t, Savvis/centurylink, and other IaaS providers offer such "private" cloud services. Fujitsu and Dell have recently joined the IaaS providers.

Rackspace and Amazon have been audited and certified in the hope of delivering services consistent with the payment card industry standards for performing credit card transactions, an internal business or "private cloud" business.

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