Marketers can't just raise their salary and still need to rise.

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In the context of the financial crisis, many industries have been tightening their belts, laying off people and cutting wages, but insurance companies not only aggressively recruit, but also recently the trend to raise the remuneration of marketers, and plans to introduce a security plan to its marketing staff.  It is understood that the increase in marketing staff is to reduce the rate of loss of insurance marketing staff. At present, the sales force is growing, according to statistics nationwide has more than 2.6 million people. How high is the turnover rate of insurance marketers? The overall turnover rate of China's insurance industry is above 50% per annum, according to a survey published recently. Marketing Director of a foreign insurance company said this year many life insurance companies vigorously develop a risk business, the urgent need to solve the problem of outstanding marketing staff scarcity, excessive liquidity, and the high turnover rate of marketing staff not only increased the company's costs, but also affected the company's healthy development of insurance business, therefore, the insurance company initiative by increasing revenue,  The willingness to reduce the turnover rate of marketers has also become strong. People familiar with the operation mechanism of the insurance industry know that the insurance company and the marketing staff sign the agency contract, but not the employment contract. Therefore, the salesman is not the insurance company's official employees, the insurance company called them "field" to distinguish the "office" of the official staff. Therefore, in the treatment, marketers basically have no basic salary, there is no "five risks and a gold" social security, they can only rely on their own to sign a commission, and carry out the business of the various costs are their own pockets.  This state, since 1992 AIA introduced the agent system to China has been extended to the present. The American native psychologist Maslow has proposed a famous hierarchy of human needs theory, which is often called "Pyramid theory". This theory shows that human needs can be divided into five categories. At the bottom layer, is the physiological needs of people, we often say "food and clothing." The second layer is security. The third layer is love. The fourth floor is dignity. The fifth level is the creative experience of self-realization.  For a long time, marketers feel they have no home, lack of security, no social understanding, more lack of sense of dignity. Domestic insurance companies in the initial stage of development in general to persuade heavy performance, light management "Extensive mode of operation, brutal competition for the city often many insurance marketing personnel for the pursuit of short-term interests, repeatedly misleading, cheating consumers, and fish.  These increasingly outstanding disharmony problems make the young Chinese insurance industry face great credit crisis. Insurance companies now face the dilemma: to develop business is to increase the staff, but the increase in the retention of people more difficult. Can a salary increase keep talent? According to the statistics of the CIRC last year, the average monthly income of insurance marketers is only about 1530 yuan, and even with the increase of 30%, the salesman has only a monthly salary of 1989 yuan, which is definitely not a high income in the financial industry.  So it's not very effective to keep people on the rise. What do marketers want most? I interviewed a number of marketing staff learned that, in addition to making money to support the family, many marketers would like to get insurance companies and social respect and recognition, hoping to improve their social status. As early as a few years ago,Sour, an insurance expert at the Central University of Finance and Economics, has pointed out that "insurance marketers do not have any protection and benefits, and have no right to speak, and their status is not as good as migrant workers." "Reform of the marketing staff system, must allow some of the best marketing staff from" temporary "to" regular workers ", with the insurance company employees enjoy the same treatment and benefits; At the same time, allow the existence of low-end marketers, which can create a pressure on the marketing staff.  In this way, it can help the insurance industry to retain excellent marketing talents, in order to attract more talents to join the marketing staff. It's a long way to repair. The reform of the marketing staff system is doomed to be a long process. Just keep on making progress, come on at 1.1.
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