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Micro Bo Ferocious, the current "> Network popular micro-Bo Chao, short time but quickly overtook the blog several years ago." Compared to blogs, Weibo features more casual, like a large row, blog more like Western food, more formal. The era of fragmentation, fragmentation of time, the inspiration of fragmentation, more microblogging needs and impulses.

In the 2009, a 140-word, convenient and casual mirco-blogging (micro-blog) in the world, its originator of Twitter, COM in the international market has been growing. In the Chinese market, Sina launched Sina Weibo on August 24, 2009, using its gateway advantage and celebrity strategy to quickly become the domestic leader. Today, China's other three major portals have opened their own microblogging functions, a new field of competition has begun.

At the same time, the Enterprise user marketing campaign based on Weibo is also getting wind.

User Marketing First Step

Marketing from corporate users gives us a more direct feel.

"If you want to get a diamond ring for free", "if you only spend 1 yuan to buy clothes worth 888 yuan"; For these, Weibo users are already quite familiar with it.

Where customer-prudential products is the first batch of microblogging marketing users, its media manager Li Jianxiong told the "China News" reporter, its stockings listed within 3rd will hit thousands of sales, and this and micro-bo marketing inseparable.

Li Jianxiong to micro-BO marketing key grasp very accurate, he before in his own micro-Borrie Hair fan interview Queen's picture, forwarding and commenting on a lot of people. "Micro Bo sometimes very gossip, beauty, beauty, celebrity-related, news topics such simple, direct approach is very effective." Li Jianxiong said that the former guests have been on the microblog of the star's implicit endorsement.

Outside, Eastern Airlines, L ' oreal and other enterprises in Sina Weibo on the opening of experimental plots, the first taste of "viral marketing", shaping the brand effect, improve sales.

Weibo marketing is called "viral marketing" is truly true.

What can Weibo do?

1. Make friends (friends with hobbies and common topics).

2, Communication and learning (I have now developed a daily break before the thought of learning about others Micro Bo, is a fast learning, centralized charging way)

3. Network Marketing.

Network Marketing style features, Eric recently has a chart more convincing


4, the enterprise spreads the sound the platform.

An exaggerated metaphor:

If you have more than 100 listeners in your microblog, you're like a magazine, and if you have more than 1,000, you're the bulletin board; Over 10,000, you're like a regular magazine; More than 100,000 is an urban newspaper; more than 1 million, that's a national newspaper; more than 10 million, you are a TV station; More than 100 million, you are CCTV, more than 1 billion, that is the Spring Festival Gala.

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