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In the past I have been talking about the theory and strategy of email marketing, if you have been very carefully read these content, and put into practice to achieve good results, then congratulate you, but if you still do not achieve the desired success, please immediately calm down, from their own perspective, Review your own impact on email marketing campaigns. I am not alarmist, the largest mail in the country "> Marketing service Provider Webpower China services for many years, and with a number of email marketing staff working experience told me , the mail marketer's own habits may also determine the success or failure of email marketing. Here's a list of 10 inefficient work habits or ways of thinking that can lead to email marketers straying from the right track. Let's see if we have a sense of familiarity.

1. reliance on meaningless indicators

Sometimes, email marketers are too obsessed with some of the indicators in the mail marketing process, such as opening, clicking, etc. It ignores the "output" indicators of email marketing, such as the conversion and revenue of each message that can be more effective and accurate in measuring the efficiency and interactivity of e-mail marketing.

2. Lazy Data

Are you digging deep into data to get valid information? Or just checking out existing reports? High-quality reports can monitor the development of email campaigns, but to truly understand your users and make the right decisions, email marketers must also shift to a deeper level of analysis and business intelligence.

3. Be addicted to the benchmark

Stop being too obsessed with the changes in the data indicators in the benchmark research report. The correct attitude towards the benchmark report is to find the "average" level of the new bottom line. To compare their situation with the best performer, similar companies, such as mail marketing activities for reference, the most important, more from their own perspective, and then understand their own in the mail marketing results of the responsibility and credit. Otherwise, what is the point of being entangled in data indicators?

4. The role of email marketing service provider (ESP) cannot be fully played

When you choose a new ESP, you may be focusing on its powerful APIs, dynamic content, advanced segmentation capabilities, and program automation, but then, often, you will not be able to put these ESP advantages behind you because of the various aspects of the system. Taking Webpower global customers as an example, although the Dmdelivery mail marketing platform has assembled the most advanced and complete email marketing capabilities, the real 100% customers who fully utilize all of their capabilities are less than 5%. This also shows that the function is again strong, also need to be good to use, in order to promote the mail marketing campaign to reach a higher level.

5. Neglect of internal resources

I've been hearing a lot of email marketers complaining about lack of resources, but have you made full use of your departmental resources? Other departments of human resources, databases, software, knowledge and experience you have good use? If within or between departments, have the same customer groups and sources of interest, try to collaborate to find more efficient practices. At the same time re-examine what already has paid marketing resources within the company and identify those resources that are available to you and your team.

6. Insufficient investment in staff training

Training is the key to the growth of the knowledge and skills of the messaging marketing team. It can be very difficult to get budget funding for you and your team to participate in vendor and industry meetings, and if there is a lack of travel budget, let your team go to some highly correlated local workshops, watch some of the minutes, and join the free seminars in the team's training and discussion sessions.

7. Waiting for Best practices

Best practices that are best for you will not be delivered to your doorstep, so remember step two: First use your generally accepted email marketing best practices, and then test and find the best way to fit your email campaigns.

8. Broken chain on process flow

When was the last time you interacted with your own email and website? Regularly assemble team members, audit on each device, from the user to subscribe to unsubscribe from the entire mail marketing process, to the user may click on each link, contact each process to test.

In addition, even if it is not the responsibility of your department, don't forget to review the Web experience from a preference center, landing page, account registration to a shopping cart, and check every key page or feature to ensure it works so that it doesn't affect your email marketing campaign.

9. The status Quo

Email marketing has survived social media threats and has been hot in many companies. Webpower China Region According to 2013 Directmarketingassociation (DMA) survey, in personalized marketing channels, the current mail is the most common channel, the utilization rate reached 55%. For retailers, the average of 1 dollars in sales is calculated, and e-mail messages are more than 3:1 social media ads. For every 1 dollars spent on an e-mail advertisement, the retailer received 39.40 dollars in sales.

Learn about changes in external environmental factors and knowledge of the impact and rate of return on email marketing to make yourself an agent for change in mail marketing changes within and outside the department. At the same time, don't let other people decide the level of the message in the revenue generation.

10. Cession of Control

Have you ever shelved your plans because you need to wait for decisions from other departments? To pick a new CRM platform as an example, mail marketing not only plays a key role in the company's CRM project, but also affects the development of the mail marketing activities, therefore, in deciding the important discussion of the supplier, do not stay aloof and actively participate in it.

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