Marketing strategy Changing the development path of enterprise CRM in the era of cloud computing

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With the development of network and computer technology, CRM has become commonplace in enterprises, more and more enterprises have improved customer service through CRM application, improve service efficiency, reduce management cost and expand sales and many other business indicators.

The development process of CRM has also experienced the application of SFA (sales Force Don) components to the management platform which is the core of marketing service. As far as the enterprise is concerned, after the transformation from the product-centric to the sales-centric management concept, it is now in the transition to the customer-centric management concept, how to win the customers and obtain the customers ' enduring Trust has become the core problem that many enterprises consider. Now, the international advanced brand of CRM products have landed in China, and the first to use CRM in large enterprises, but for different industry applications and growth-oriented enterprise needs, customer demand is also rising, need instant access to all kinds of information, understand the situation of competitors and so on. Then, how to maintain the competitive advantage of enterprises in the market, improve efficiency and keep the original driving force of customers unchanged, it is related to the future survival and development of enterprises. However, at the same time, network technology is also undergoing changes, with the advent of the cloud computing era, the existence of CRM has changed dramatically, from SaaS to PAAs, products in constant innovation, enterprise transformation, information technology in constant innovation, CRM development has to adapt to the trend.

Of course, in the enjoyment of the application of CRM to bring convenience to enterprises, market personnel also sigh, initially in the planning and on-line CRM project also experienced a great pain and struggle, involving internal sales, customer service, it and so on coordination and communication between the various departments, in the continuous revision of demand and adjust business processes until the landing can be executed , the pain between the internal and the manufacturers constantly wandering. However, at present, many enterprises regard CRM system as technical Mongolian medicine, and think that as long as the deployment can bring great effect to the enterprise, even many enterprises hope that the CRM software can accomplish the task beyond its own function design. In fact, no matter what kind of CRM is just a tool, must have a clear macro planning, and long run through the marketing activities of enterprises.

In the experience of information technology innovation and new media environment constantly changing customer behavior habits and needs, CRM in order to adapt to the development of enterprises will certainly make a lot of changes, but in essence, CRM is still regarded as management software, in other words is a tool, enterprise management thought still rely on people, The enterprises that do the CRM well are generally the best to implement the CRM marketing idea in the end.

Everything back to the fundamental concept of CRM, enterprise management and business process development must be customer-oriented, truly through the management and operation of customers to obtain benefits and realize the growing value, so we have been talking about CRM is not software, not technology, but a customer-oriented business philosophy. With the rapid development of direct marketing in China, his profit-driven drive has brought significant results to enterprise use, direct marketing activities are interactive, marketers and customers two-way communication, through the EDM, SMS, call center, DM and social media and so on various ways to contact customers, CRM should also open the door to the effect of marketing as a driver, through the development of marketing strategy and back-end bi function analysis, data cloud and so on a high degree of integration and business infiltration, the real value of the enterprise to promote.

This CRM is no longer a set of single enterprise internal market, Sales and Service series management system platform, through proactive contact with customers, internal CRM for customer management and with the marketing concept changes and from a higher point of view, and the interactive marketing can maximize the impact of consumers, and through integration in the vast cloud of customer data, and the enterprise's CRM concept in the enterprise from the initial access to customers, customers purchase and management of customers in every process, not a capture of customers, but should be actively and sincerely strive for customers. Direct marketing conform to the trend of customer's individualized demand, and CRM echoes the management of customer needs, combined with massive cloud of customer data, and creative interactive marketing strategy, bringing to customers is the overall customer marketing and management structure, and then through the back-end bi business intelligence for customer behavior, distribution, demand and so on data analysis, The formation of data cluster + precision marketing +CRM platform, can be foreseen for the direct value of the Enterprise: 1 rapid expansion of potential customer base, 2 efficient conversion of latent customers to trading customers, 3 increase customer repeat purchase rate; Through the landing mode, cloud mass data combined with enterprise internal data, capture customer behavior data, multidimensional segmentation Data Group, Precision Interactive Marketing, CRM platform hosting transform background data, improve repeat purchase rate, customer lifecycle integration. This CRM contains the customer management, data analysis model, multi-channel activities management platform and integration of member integration management, completely solve the traditional CRM software can not solve the problem, the real business value to improve.

Change the marketing concept, the enterprise from passive to take the initiative to capture the customer's heart, the CRM platform to really play its original existence meaning and idea, marketing, creativity and technology convergence is bound to become CRM in the enterprise development of the real way out!

In the future, under the new network and new media background, enterprises and customers, enterprises and enterprises communication will be more diversified, instant, systematic, personalized, situational, a set of mature CRM combat strategy and comprehensive operating system environment, will become the starting point of enterprise winning strategy.

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