Marketing will move from simple rudeness to refinement

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Marketing will move from simple rudeness to refinement

I always feel that marketing is like love, everyone can talk, can say a lot of experience, but these experiences are based on many personal factors, not universal and biased. Of course, it may be wrong.

Is hard and wide really worthless?

It seems that every new media practitioner has a desire to lose the life of the old media. As the electric business practitioners have the impulse to lose the traditional retail life.

As McLuhan said: The old media will be compressed into a certain space by the new media, and remain stable. Hard and wide value still exists.

For instance,

I have long subscribed to the first financial weekly of a man's brand apparel hard advertising. The following two-dimensional code I have never swept. But this advertisement makes me firm again to buy confidence, because I think his image is good, Brand good. And I do not know this brand to introduce, mentioned in the first financial ads, often can increase the acceptance of others. This is the countless luxury goods, fast sales, cosmetics smashed advertising purposes. may not return in the short term. But it is absolutely valuable if you are seen as a necessary investment to maintain a high premium.

The three moments of truth in Procter and Gamble

In the past more than 100 years, Procter and Gamble as a world class giant in the field of FMCG in addition to lead the development of its own product areas, but also lead the advertising industry in the development of marketing. It was the first company to print a brand on soap, a year that was 1882 years old.

There are two big moments of truth in Procter and Gamble. The first moment of truth is the moment when consumers see a good display of P & G goods in a store, a time when consumers want to use goods; second truth is when consumers use Chen Ping at home, and Procter and Gamble must let consumers have the desire to continue using their products. Now, there is a new moment of truth in Procter and Gamble, which is the 0 moment of truth, how quickly users are caught searching and looking for goods.

Simply put, first, to impress consumers. Second, to increase the purchase rate two times. Third, plain is big data and search marketing.

In fact, in the era of rampant concept of these are nothing new. Everybody's doing it. Countless enterprises will try their best to do, but the effect, it is difficult to say.

Find a better way to dig up the consumer stimulation point

Procter and Gamble once out of a taste products, originally thought everyone needs. But it hasn't been sold well. Later, the company hired a mental-habits expert to eventually turn the unsalable Febreze product into a 1 billion-dollar selling item. How did you do that?

At the heart of it: they find that craving is a huge mistake for people. No smell of deodorant, absorb the smell, but can not create a craving, add the fragrance, people feel is a ritual. Just as the mint toothpaste brushes off, it makes people feel good. But mint material is really not the element that protects the teeth.

Do you understand? They create a sense of thirst, allowing consumers to produce everything that has a shiny look and a good smell. In the odor environment that people have already adapted to add to the chemical, and develop their preferences and dependence. Then P & G changed the focus of advertising. Highlight the fragrance! Use advertising to stimulate the smell of desensitization, to arouse people's awareness and desire to smell.

Don't expect to do blue sea market in China

Today's Chinese market is not enough to do well. Because there are too many ambitious, too many high IQ and diligent people and you rob the market. So I think China's non-monopoly industry is not the basic blue ocean. Because any blue sea will be a group of wolves and foxes combined with the rapid influx of people, at most a shallow Red Sea bar. Also such as the rise of the early days of Taobao C store. Now business is hard to cry.

Marketing will move from simple rudeness to refinement, which is certain. How to connect with consumers at every moment in the design, front end, back end, and at all times is extremely important.

Or perhaps, all the above mentioned in the near future, all be overthrown. Because times are so fast, so is marketing.

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