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I believe many stationmaster has had this kind of experience: painstakingly writes good soft wen, to the target blog or the website submission time was rejected. The effort of the mind but failed to review the passage, the most annoying people. I also often write soft text, in A5, Chinaz published a number of articles, which also have been deleted experience. Later I after constantly groping, the soft writing should pay attention to several issues to do a summary, now with the webmaster do under the Exchange:

Research Target Blog

Many webmasters in the submission of the time panic without chapter, soft writing finished after a random cast, often will not succeed. Maybe your article is very good, but because it does not conform to the blog to submit the style and requirements of the content is not appropriate and so was rejected. This requires the webmaster in the soft paper before submitting, first study the style of the target blog, such as what kind of articles are easy to recommend, what kind of articles click rate Higher.

Taking A5 as an example, there will be many subordinate columns to choose from when submitting articles. such as webmaster interviews, experience, the Internet, etc., so in the submission of the time to be aware of their own soft text belong to which plate, and whether the style and content of this section in line with, noticed these, the possibility of being audited is large.

Do not bring too many links

Weak Wen, the general purpose is to get more traffic for their website, then add their own links is the most direct way. I work in the Woo Jun recruitment network, just beginning when the text is often in the article to join the recruitment of hundreds of millions of recruiting network links, but almost no audit passed.

Later the author concludes that, even if the webmaster network for you to provide a free release of soft, but too many links will inevitably cause its editor's disgust. It is obviously inappropriate to take a public platform as your own advertising campaign. Can be appropriately added, but too many links will inevitably cause your article to be rejected.

The article should be professional

Soft text is doped with soft advertising articles, but if the advertising intent is too obvious, the content is simply to cooperate with advertising, then the article is difficult to pass the audit. According to my understanding of the recent period of time, generally speaking, a professional, high readability of the article will be quickly approved, and there will be a high volume of reprint. On the contrary, if a soft article, the advertising intent is too obvious, the content is not professional, the point of view of the article has obvious guidance, or the article error too much will be led to audit deletion.

The author has written an article on the Woo Jun talent Recruitment network in the soft Wen "small and medium Web site: Online promotion and offline promotion who the main and who supplemented," not only was quickly passed, and the number of reprint is very considerable. The author analyzes the reasons, that is, the content of the article is professional and readable, so that readers can learn some knowledge in the process of reading, some gain.

Avoid hype, taboo speech fierce

Webmaster Online is the most taboo is the ego hype, grandstanding. Each site has its own audience, and they want to get what they want from their website. Imagine, if a website becomes the enterprise ego hype platform, that how to continue?

At the same time, verbal bogey too intense, bogey has a strong negative impact. Some time ago, the author of a friend wrote a soft article, issued in the A5 delay, to the author for consultation. After reading the author found that some statements in the text is too intense, and involves a portal site negative impact. Therefore, the author of this paragraph to remove, slightly modified and then let its contribution, the article was audited. Therefore, the webmaster in writing the soft Wen should not in order to achieve their desired effect and published too sensitive or too negative speech, this will lead to rejection.

A high quality of the soft text will be for their own web site to bring high-quality traffic, so, the webmaster in writing soft Wen must first master writing or contributions should pay attention to the factors, targeted to write, and finally achieve a multiplier effect rather than futile.

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