Master Kang v. First financial claims 100 million alleged to have deliberately distorted the contents of the bulletin

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Absrtact: Master Kang's official website announced today in its official website issued a statement, said the intention to Shanghai First Financial Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the first financial) and its affiliated journalists to sue for civil infringement, against its subordinate a financial network in September 1

Kang Master official website statement

A statement released today by Master Kang Holdings Limited said that the first financial media company in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as "the first financial") and its affiliated journalists to bring civil tort prosecution, for its subordinate a financial network on September 15 by its reporter signed the publication of the "false report" against Master Kang, In addition to the request to correct the report, to the master Kang public apology, at the same time required 100 million RMB loss of goodwill compensation.

The following is the original statement of Master Kang:

Master Kang's solemn appeal for food safety information should not be distorted

Forced to take judicial rights to the first finance to restore the truth

Request correction report public apology and compensation goodwill loss 100 million RMB

Master Kang intends to sue the first financial media company of Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as "first finance") and its correspondent Hu Junhua for civil infringement. In response to its subordinate a financial network on September 15 by the reporter Hu Junhua signed the publication of the false report on Master Kang, the report deliberately distorted our voluntary bulletin content, And the distortion of our bulletin failed to verify the responsibility, in addition to the correction of reports, to Kang Master public apology, but also required 100 million RMB loss of goodwill compensation.

Since a financial network distorted my announcement of the publication of the content is not true, because the report was widely reproduced in the public media, also do not rule out a small number of malicious intent to fuel, resulting in the vast number of consumers misled, to Master Kang's company reputation caused serious adverse effects.

Despite several times of communication and repeated letters of attorney, Master Kang I hope that the first finance and financial network can act like other public media to take immediate action to avoid being used by the malicious, but as soon as I decided to formally take the judicial approach to protect the rights, a financial net only on 24th to cancel the relevant news link, did not correct the news, The negative social effects of false reports still exist. In view of the distorted false reports have already caused serious adverse effects on Master Kang, our company asked the first financial and its correspondent Hu Junhua in addition to distort the contents of our bulletin, not good to verify the responsibility of the public apology, but also claims 100 million RMB loss of goodwill compensation.

Chen Gongru, a spokesman for Master Kang, said: "Judicial rights are the last line of defense when companies face false rumors misleading consumers." A small number of malicious people deliberately distort our bulletin, the production of false rumors, food safety risk control of the negative impact of the obvious, this wrong approach has violated the vast number of consumers ' right to know. ”

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