"Master of Rhythm" How to play high score skills Introduction

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"Rhythm Master" login micro-letter QQ Game Center today, micro-mail and mobile phone QQ platform of the game Center, at the same time on the line of a "Master of Rhythm" leisure music games. "Rhythm Master" is actually Tencent has already released a music rhythm game, but also won the App Store free Total list first! "Rhythm Master" game screenshot before the game Center on the line of "Every day love to eliminate" and "every day Lianmong" have been a lot of friends in pursuit of, especially with friends between the PK is fierce. I wonder if this "Master of the Rhythm" can be so popular and more intense sparks. Small series yesterday in advance to download the "Rhythm Master", and feel some. Next, small make up to the friends to introduce the game and how to get high score! "Master of Rhythm" game screenshot
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