Master of the Net: is "cyber game killing" a guilty profession?

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"Online game" itself is a virtual world, should be different from our present life, some behavior in the network game can be said to be free from moral and real life constraints, is a personal freedom of space, but also a kind of human psychological release of space, there is no moral and crime industry problems. But if from the Buddhist theory and the ethics angle, I think "The network game kills" still has certain karmic reasons, but does not necessarily have the karma.  Because Karma is born from the heart, since you have the heart to kill in the game, there is the cause of death, and "karma" is formed by the accumulation of karma, although the heart of the killing industry, but the conditions do not have no result of the formation of homicide, so there is no "karma". Buddhist College of China-net master such as "The Vatican Net Sutra" cloud: "To facilitate the praise kill, see for Rejoice, and even curse kill, kill because, kill fate, kill the law, kill industry even all the life, not kill." "Four Cent law" cloud: "from the hand severed human life, holds the knife and the person, sighs the fame to die, the quick persuasion death, uses this evil word to prefer to die not to live, as the heart, is the monk does not share." "From the above two laws of Buddhism, the Mahayana law and the small multiplication law are clear that whether it is to kill themselves, or praise kill, even in the heart of the killing, are violating the precepts of Buddhism, are also subject to the karma of karma." Of course, from the Buddhist teachings, although there are precepts but not necessarily fruit, only precepts no knot, can repent. Because only "kill" or "kill", the conditions are not sufficient, and no form of killing the result, so is not affected by the report.  But must repent, is because this kills reads not to divide, if the condition has to be able to kill the industry. Buddhism is a kind of spiritual education, is a tool to purify people's hearts, is the norm of people's behavior and morals. Not only in the behavior of the time to control their own demeanor, and in the psychological and ideological also to strictly restrain their own heart. Confucianism said "A gentleman is very unique", is that the real gentleman should be in no other than the strict demands on their own behavior.  Buddhism takes Bodhisattva's behavior as a model of Buddhism disciples ' practice, and Bodhisattva's most important is "compassion heart". Compassion, not only can not hurt sentient beings in behavior, but also can not hurt the minds of all sentient beings. such as "The Vatican Net Sutra" cloud: "is the Bodhisattva should start the habitual compassion heart, the filial heart, facilitates the rescue all sentient beings, but Athwart heart, the pleasure heart kills the person, is the Bodhisattva Wave Luo Yi crime."  "Whether it is a small ride," "Do not live together", or Mahayana "Luo Yi" are committed to the basic precepts, in the Buddhist precepts are the heaviest precepts. Today's "online game killing" although not form the conditions of killing, but has prompted the game to create a killer heart, if in real life by some factors, that in the online game to kill the mind will be put into action, into a real killing behavior.  We should know that the murderer must have a careful plan before killing, which comes from the fictional world of fiction, television and the Internet. Therefore, "Cyber game killings" can also be said to be the cause of the killing industry, is not to promote and encourage the use of persons engaged in such occupations or often play such a game of the Buddhists should repent. "Online games"It's easy for the player to get lost, lose self-control and meticulous, make people easy to indulge in virtual game, to people's physical and mental health cause great harm, is a harm to oneself behavior, development and provide this kind of game service person, also is the motive of crime, in order to confuse others ' mind to get profiteering,  This is in itself a kind of beggar-thy-neighbour behavior. As a Buddhist disciple, I think we should not indulge in virtual games.  And if you want to play games to release or relax, you can develop some Buddhist culture of the purification of the moral game, such as "into the Buddha" or "Walk the Bodhisattva Road" and other positive and healthy game. Ancient Cloud "learns, Howl", the person's willpower is very weak, very vulnerable to the temptation of the environment, if a person often indulge in playing "killing", it is easy to become more and more unbalanced psychological, forming a serious psychological defect, in real life may be the formation of the motive of killing, This is not a "virtual game" of murder.  The government has explicitly banned and closed some of the bad networks because the virtual networks can cause great harm to people's minds, which can damage social stability and ethics. As a Buddhist I think we should use the normal way and the idea to guide oneself, but should not use this kind of "the poison of the fire, with the violent violence" behavior to release oneself. Because of the empty view, the Arhat did not know sentient beings for the Buddha, and the Bodhisattva certificate empty, although the testimony of empty and often sentient beings, is the true Buddha son.  Although the network is a virtual world, but if the user is persistent, it will become real in the psychological, and real life has the same role and behavior. I am here to appeal to the community to pay attention to the unhealthy nature of online games and the harm to young people, to persuade and guide young people away from the game, more in the real life to do some good physical and mental health activities and matters.  Online games are no less harmful to youngsters than drugs to people, and should be brought to the legal management and use of online games as soon as possible. Therefore, "Network game killing" although different from the real life of the killings, but the psychological harm to a person and the temptation of the soul can not be ignored. "Network" as a communication of information and language communication tools, people's psychology and behavior have different degrees of induction, so that players unknowingly play the game and life mixed into one. If the "game" itself, there is no problem of crime, of course, "Cyber game killing" also does not exist in the crime industry. But if because "game kills" causes the person to lose the reason, causes the psychological flaw, kills in the real life like the game person, that becomes the crime factor. such as Buddhist precepts "drinking" does not exist crime, but because drinking can make people lose their reason to precepts, so also become one of "five precepts".  If I do not kill Ber Ren, Ber Ren died because of me, although the law does not set up a homicide, but in the moral is always condemned. Therefore, "Cyber game killing" can make people a crime whether from Buddhism or ethics., we should not ignore its hidden harmfulness because "network is a virtual world". I think stop people from indulging in games, it is not because the game kills the same guilt, or with the real life Chinese crime reason, but should correctly realize the game to people's mental health destructive, with the correct idea to guide people to have the healthy psychology, establishes the good morals view and the life philosophy, causes the society and the family to be more harmonious!
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