Material Night thinking: revised after the key words from the 11th back to the first three of the actual combat records

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Due to the website original program upgrade, last November, China's party and government secretarial network for a larger revision of the title, description, Navigation, column settings, home page calls have been optimized, landscaping, and renamed as Material Night Thinking secretarial network. After, Baidu to make a violent response, the main key word ranking back to the second page, snapshot stop more, included in the amount from nearly million to 1000, the most unwilling to see the situation basically happened. However, the sun always after the wind and rain, through effective execution, after the Spring Festival update, gave us a rich return, ranking recovery, included faster, snapshots the other day. Here, I put the two-month work log slightly collated, and share with you.

1. Keep regular updates. It's exhausting, but it's important to keep doing this. Even in the new Year's Day, the Spring Festival, the night to play crazy again late, the next day or get up early, to ensure that before 9 o'clock in the morning, update the article 10 or so, of course, the article has a small part of the original, most of the original, but all noted the source, some directly in the title embodiment, to honest, I do not know this is not counted on search engine friendly performance:

2. Time to write some soft text. As a secretary forum webmaster, write a little article or can, of course, compared with the experts, but also said not professional, but the attitude of sharing experience is correct. Thanks to Webmaster Network care, has published more than 10 soft wen, of course, there are some propaganda main station Yongan forum, incidentally mention material night think secretarial network, accumulated some outside the chain resources. At the beginning of the statistics, was reproduced in the amount of about 300, of course, many links have been deleted, despise under! At the same time in the relevant forums to fill some water, play the effectiveness of the signature.

3. Exchange good friend chain. The use of some network resources, and more than 4 P2 sites Exchange links, it is worth mentioning that with two of the higher weight of the party and government website with the main key to do the home page link, should be the search rankings are very powerful.

4. Play the role of blogging. Cleverly to attract free blog traffic to the site, relying on the high weight of the portal blog, quickly included in the daily release of civil servants and public institutions recruitment information, in the article to the picture or induction of the text recommended in the Secretary Forum "interview Counseling", "Shen Writing", "written test" and other sections to improve the user's registration conversion rate, The effect is not bad.

5. Do the station optimization. Mainly added the latest article index, in the site description, the bottom of the page, the appropriate distribution of the main keyword, in the article title insert target Word to do some long tail keyword, make up the main keyword Baidu index is not high enough.

Just say that. Hereby affirm this article from the material night Think Secretary Net original, reprint please indicate the source. Thank you for your cooperation.

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