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Role-playing game "Epic campaign" foreword: Veteran Apple App players often look for free, time-limited applications, because they are often made in fine, durable, and also a frequent guest in the App Store's list of free items. Given the increasing number of new applications and limited-time free applications in the mobile Internet era, therefore, the broad bean network launched a daily limited free app recommended column, every day for iOS players select more than 4 hours of free application, the hope is that we can in a number of free applications in the rapid search for high quality, At the same time meet their own needs of the software! Interested players can focus on our limited recommendation section for a long time. If you are an iOS user, what you want to see or point out for us please send mail to if you are a developer, seek cooperation or promotion also please send mail to role-playing game "epic campaign" Original Price: 6 yuan iphone version click to download "Epic battle" a Korean RPG role-playing game 2D game, there are 8 characters in the game for the player to choose from: Samurai (Knight), Assassin (Assassin), Saint (Saint), Archer (Archer), The Hunter (Hunter), the Knights of the Round Table (Temple Knight), the Witch (Mage) and the natives (barbarian). Epic Battle "The epic battle" game Raiders the game picture design uses the lovable Q edition character design, gives the player a brand-new play experience, is full of the fun in the game. At the same time this game also has some unique place for the player to challenge the experience, in the game has the challenge mode as well as the task pattern and supports multiplayer online PVP to fight the mode, each kind of model everybody may try to experience the Q version epic campaign epic Raiders brings the carefree battle. "Epic battle" game screenshot "epic battle" game screenshots in the game players constantly grow their team, the enemy launched a fierce attack. Use a variety of exquisite costumes, armor and weapons to customize your character, and to upgrade your grades and learn your skills. The game contains endless levels to support the clear Retina display, Epic Raiders will allow you to make a great call, stop! "Epic battle" game screenshot
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