May 17 Broad Bean Network does not recommend Android applications: "Ninja Turtles"

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The Android app, which has sprung up all over the web, downloads, and users ' phones, is currently the biggest problem for Android phones due to lax regulation and openness. Directories are replicated, private photos are lost, information is disclosed, and so on, and the culprit is the Android phone app that has hidden security concerns and malicious code. In view of this situation, broad bean network Joint "Security Butler" regularly review the security of Android applications, do our best to help users to identify the app, choose the app, the safest, most stable of the Android environment dedicated to the vast number of users. Application Name: Ninja Turtle MD5:8EAEEDBA6E3E2FFD2724FACD41ABD9DD Version number: 1.08 application size: 2.98 mbicon icon: Virus alias: Poison Capsule Sample type: Living virus type: Get root permission, Install rogue software infection system: Android virus Hazard level: Severe virus trigger: the software triggers malicious instructions during user use. Virus Description: In the Notification column prompts the system patch, the induction user installs, obtains the root authority, carries on the remote control, privately networking downloading installs the rogue software, consumes the user high traffic. Virus hazard: Private Networking Download installation rogue software virus transmission mode: Application market, forum, website and other dissemination. "Ninja Turtles" according to the Broad Bean network joint "Safety Butler" by professional test results show that the detection of the "Ninja Turtle" in the user's use of the process of triggering malicious instructions, in the Notification column prompts the system patches, to induce users to install; Get root permissions, remote control, privately connected to download the installation of rogue software, user high traffic. Housekeeper Check chart: So I hope that users of Android system to strictly guard against, often brush machine users should also note that the download of the third party ROM is bundled with this virus. The current network in the application of Android system, piracy rampant, in order to prevent confusion with the original application and thus victimized, broad bean network also here to remind you Android users to download and install applications should be carefully identified, as far as possible to choose to apply the official website download installation program. Broad Bean Network does not recommend Android application column [click to read]<<< broad Bean Network does not recommend Android Apps featurette: Android virus Apps [click to read]<<< broad Bean Network does not recommend Android apps [click to read] <<< Broad Bean Network does not recommend Android application featurette: Android virus Apps [click to read]<<<
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