May rural consumption growth continued faster than the city

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The circulation environment difference restricts the farmer to consume the demand to release this newspaper, Beijing, June 17 (reporter Xiangwen) in the country a series of supporting agriculture, farmers policy support, the rural consumer market potential is gradually released, the consumption of the pulling effect to enhance. According to the statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, May total retail sales of consumer goods amounted to 1.0028 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.2%, of which the national urban consumer sales growth of 15% Year-on-year, county and county following retail sales growth of 15.6%, rural consumption faster than the city.  Previously, in the April of this year's statistics, the rural social consumer goods retail total amount of 1.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 16.9%, higher than the city 2.8%, an increase of more than the city. Ministry of Commerce's relevant officials pointed out that China's rural consumption market scale has been expanding. Per capita annual living expenses of peasant households amounted to 3660.7 yuan last year, a 88.4% increase from 2003, and the annual per capita expenditure on food, clothing, household appliances and services, transportation and communication, cultural education and entertainment, and health care increased sharply.  With the gradual escalation of rural consumption structure, the Engel's coefficient of farmers decreased. But in terms of circulation, there are still two "roadblocks" to invigorate rural circulation and expand rural consumption: first, the rural consumption environment restricts the release of farmers ' consumption demand. From the point of view, although in recent years the national implementation of the "million Village Thousand Township market Project" in the national cumulative construction of 260,000 farm houses, but currently only covers the country 49% Township and 33% of the administrative village, the traditional "pop", the commissary is still the main body of rural retail outlets in China.  From the point of view of logistics facilities, China's rural market has many points, wide and long lines, and a long time, China's rural circulation infrastructure construction arrears too much, rural logistics infrastructure is weak, so that rural commodity logistics costs relatively high. Second, the low level of farmers ' income restricts farmers ' purchasing power. In 2008, the net income per capita of rural households in China was 4761 yuan, which grew by 81.6% in 2003, but the absolute gap between urban and rural residents increased by 88.4% in 2003. At the same time, the absolute gap between urban and rural social consumption retail total was 3.1 trillion yuan last year, expanding 125.9% compared with 2003.
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