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In the absence of medical resources and the high cost of health care today, most of the time, especially if you are not convenient to seek medical treatment, you may still first Google or ask for help Baidu know, may also choose a health care related to the forum to find information on the network can refer to. Meddik wants to aggregate those high-quality network medical resources produced and submitted by users, create a network platform focused on health care, provide credible, complete and high-quality medical information, and provide convenient and accurate medical information for the vast number of users who need medical information.

When the site wants users to have problems, they can always find a previous case with similar symptoms and solutions. Meddik will calculate a symptom similarity to all other users on the site, and the user can then find and contact another user who can provide the best solution for him anonymously. Meddik aggregation of public and academic information on health care, combined with traditional and other medical alternatives, recommends the best recommendations, best articles, and programs to users to ensure that they are given a suitable answer rather than a similar answer. Later, as the database is complete, other users can benefit from similar questions.

Meddik co-founder Shoo hopes his product will be able to apply the concept of Web2.0 to health care that really affects tens of thousands of people living. Meddik has a unique advantage over providing a pioneer of medical market for users. Fitbit and Fitocracy, such as fitness solutions, are currently just focusing on fitness. Sites such as WebMD, PatientsLikeMe, Healthline, and Alliance Tiyatien have either added a threshold to the user's landing (a lot of information needs to be filled in) or targeted people with chronic illnesses. And like Meddik, a website that provides accurate solutions to medical solutions for users, not only helps health-care users and users with chronic illnesses, but also has a significant impact on emergency injuries.

Angel investors, including the famous investor Christickson Chris Dixon, have also invested 750,000 of dollars to help Meddik enter the 2.7 trillion dollar market. (MK)

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